What is the Millionaire Mindset? – The Iceberg effect psychology

What Is The Millionaire Mindset?

In a previous article, I wrote a piece on mind mapping to develop more content creation for my Wealthy affiliate blog. One of the branch ideas arising from that map was how to develop the Millionaire Mindset.

To this end, we are going to look at something called “The Iceberg Effect” and the psychology that is needed to endure and survive trials and tribulations until a goal is attained. In this article, I will be looking at aspects of a personality that makes one person successful and another fail.

When we look at the majesty of an iceberg we fail to understand that we are only seeing 10% or the tip of the iceberg. 90% is unseen and is the foundation for that tiny bit we see above the water line.

It is the same when we see or hear about famous people and their spectacular success stories. The obvious impress is that celebrates had a sudden rise to fame and fortune. It seems like a flash in the pan. The truth is, they sometimes take a decade of trial and error in a long arduous path which eventually led to this person’s success. All of these people have in common a tenacious mindset, this is critical for a positive outcome in any business.

Anyone who has found success in any career, all have in common a deep unswerving desire to attain a goal once it has been set. By writing your goal down or putting a picture on the wall to be seen every day. The goal can be as simple as saying I am a future millionaire and having printed on a T-Shirt to remind them like Kyle did at the beginning of his journey in Wealthy Affiliates. The thing is to never let go of that goal.

The iceberg effect on psychology.

Sigmund Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind. The conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. It is in the unconscious and subconscious mind that the creative juices really gets you going and by doing mind maps you can tap into that vast resource and pull ideas to the surface of your mind to help you achieve your goals.

A similar diagram has been used as a teaching tool in most high schools throughout the world. It looks a little different but when you compare the two you will see that there is a correlation between the two.

Beneath the surface, deep underneath the conscious mind must be the desire to succeed, it is a part of the unconscious mind and if it is not there, then the driving force that propels everything else will slowly die away over time. Desire is the fuel to success and then it is followed by.

  • Planning a pathway to success.
  • Focus and strict adherence to daily goals to attain success.
  • Taking risks to meet goals. These can be scary and most people usually balk at this hurdle. At this point, you need to ask yourself “How much do you want this goal?” Is the unconscious part of your mind strong enough to drive you into risk situations?
  • Endurance to continue on when failure occurs.
  • Keeping the faith that success will come. Faith is a power all of its own. You have to believe it is going to happen.
  • Persistence and the belief that you have not failed unless you give up. Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple iPhones once said. “I always look at my failures to understand the new directions I must take for success. Failure is a teaching tool.”
  • Develop a learning mindset, which is one that enjoys new challenges, and is willing to embrace new ideas. Listens to those who have walked the path to success and are willing to teach you. The most important thing of all is…
  • Never give up!

It all starts in the conscious mind, but it is also brewing like a beverage in the subconscious and unconscious mind. Have you ever noticed that when you start to think about something other related ideas start popping into your mind like an endless spring? These ideas will bubble to the surface of the mind to help you achieve your goal. Once you have finished with that idea, your unconscious mind goes back to sleep.

Many inventors such as Thomas Edison failed hundreds of times before the light bulb was finally invented. Image how the world would look like today if he just gave up. His next try could have been a success. Instead, we would still be using candles instead of electricity.

There are going to be things in business that will frighten you.

It may be that you need to start teaching others and giving speeches in public, or develop an eBook of your own to sell. This is an opportunity to brand yourself and your business and yes it is scary. However, if you do not have a strong sense of identity and no belief that your methods are solid and attainable for everyone. Then no doubt you will balk at this idea, or indeed undersell your book, or find a way to dodge lectures.

Letting go of this negative mentality is necessary because, if you have great value in your book, if you have spent many long hours trialling your methods and recording evidence of proof that your methods work, then you are as valid as anyone else that ever produced a book. You need to believe that you deserve to put a reasonable price on your efforts.

A Millionaire Mindset is one that

  • Lives outside the comfort zone
  • Is prepared to take calculated risks
  • Do the impossible in the face of adversity
  • Accept failure as a teaching tool to get a better result the next time.
  • Be flexible in difficult situations
  • Take the time to learn new things and always, always
  • Never give up!

A few years ago no-one had ever heard of Jason Stone who is now a multi-millionaire and owns a company called Millionaire Mentor. He is famous in the blogging community for his so-called meteoric rise from the lead driven engine of “Instagram”.

I have a video which will give you a look at Jason Stone’s promo. He has come a long way in the last few years. Now everyone can see the tip of his Iceberg and it looks pretty damned good. I hope it inspires you to keep motivated and go for your goals and dreams. Just remember he trod a rocky road before he achieved his goals.

I hope enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to leave a message for me. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Coucka

Coucka Couchman

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