Website Testing Jobs

Website Testing Jobs

I have been looking into website testing jobs for myself as an additional income stream from home. So far it’s looking good and I have joined up with a number of companies. The reason why I joined more than one company is that it takes a few months to have work coming in regularly. Also, each company determines website service testing in different ways, so naturally some methods I have found to be more enjoyable than others.

When you become a website browser tester you have the potential to earn on average between $5 and $10 per test which will take 10-20 minutes. Sometimes you can earn as much as $50. The great thing is you can do this job from your laptop or smartphone. My eyes are not so good so I prefer the home computer.

Each company will give you a set of instructions and sometimes an example video to assist in your training. This also gives you the opportunity to understand what their customers need and like.

This kind of feedback is very similar to what we do as members of Wealthy Affiliates. We are asked to give feedback on other members websites and tell them what worked for us on a personal level, if the site is user-friendly and telling in our opinion what does not work and make suggestions on how we think it could be fixed, also if there are any grammar and spelling checks that need to be made. In exchange, other Wealthy affiliate members will do the same for our websites. A sort of free “quid pro quo” and it gives us very valuable FREE information.

Before I give you the list of companies I would like to give you an overview of frequently asked questions about this job to grow your understanding of what is required. So here they are.

What does a website tester do?

As a website, or usability tester we are asked to follow a given scenario and perform very specific tasks. An example would be to find a specific product on an online store and get through the checkout process. All during this time you need to be talking about your thoughts, what did not work for you. You can give your ideas on where the website can improve. For example, you can ask for the search bar to have filters to be more specific about an item you wish to purchase. This helps site owners see problems they hadn’t seen and fix them through this website test.

What language should I speak?

You will be given tests in your native language. You will never be asked to speak in languages that you are not fluent.

Why do I need to take a qualification test?

The qualification test is to verify that as a new tester, you have a microphone and that you are capable of speaking your thoughts into the microphone. Based on this qualification test, the company will give their first rating that will determine if and how often they’ll give you paid usability tests. Customers will also rate you, and if you give great feedback, you will be given more opportunities to test.

Do testers need to buy products/services from the websites?

No. You should not put your real credit card details while performing a test. Identity Theft is a real problem and if you are asked about this, then I would suggest that you are being SCAMMED do not proceed any further and report the company for suspected fraud.

There is a government-issued booklet called the “Little black Book of Scams” click here to download a FREE PDF, or word document. The government will also post out a hard copy free of charge.

Should I use my real name and address?

Once again No, never use your real name or address, you should use fake ones while conducting a test.

What equipment do I need to be a tester?

Most websites will let you know what operating systems you will need in order to test websites. Your computer will need to have a microphone, either internal (like the one most laptops have) or external. Again the company will specify if there is a need for extra equipment.

What are screener questions?

Before you start a test, you may be asked to answer one or more screener questions in order to determine that you are the right fit for this particular test. For example, if the client needs to test a website selling children’s clothing, you may be asked whether you have little kids or not. If you fit the profile, then you will proceed to take the test, if not, another tester will get notified.

Only sincere answers to the screener questions. This information should be strictly confidential, none of your personal identification data (name, email) is revealed to the client or any other third party.

What makes a good tester?

Good testers speak as they surf the website. They express their thoughts as a verbal stream and provide useful feedback on how they expected the website to work.

What testing companies DO NOT WANT

  • Not performing the required tasks, or going off track and doing things not ask for.
  • Just reading what the site says.
  • Telling the testing company everything is OK. They would not be testing if everything was OK
  • Only saying good things. These companies need real critical analysis to improve, they are not children… However, if you’re really rapt with something, you can say so.

What testing companies DO WANT

  • Speak your thoughts as they occur on the microphone.
  • Tell the company what confuses you, and what attracts your attention.
  • Explain what and why you do something every time.
  • Propose a change that would help the website perform a required task.
  • Provide useful comments.
  • Perform the required tasks according to the test scenario.
  • Speak loudly and clearly on the microphone.
  • Perform the test in a quiet place where there is no background noise.
  • Thoroughly answer the questions in writing, at the end of the test.

A NOTE OF WARNING – I failed miserably on my first test because I did not know all this information. So I studied for a couple of days before applying for the next job. I like to blame my age and lack of confidence. I was very nervous doing the first qualifying test and I rushed and went off track and did everything wrong. Which is why I applied for a number of jobs as practice does make perfect.

Reasons why some companies will not pay for your test

  • Because you have not tried to perform all the required tasks. So read carefully what they ask for and tick off each task as you perform it.
  • Because you have not provided comments on the microphone while taking the test. Speak out your thoughts as you do the test.
  • Because the audio is not clear. Test your microphone before taking each test and make sure that you speak calmly and clearly.
  • Because there is noise in the background. Find a quiet place and keep dogs, kids family in another room while taking the test.
  • In case, you have multiple monitors, and you recorded the wrong one. – Make sure that whatever app you are given will record the one with the browser in it. Or disable multiple screens and just use your laptop screen. – This was a big mistake I made on my first application.
  • In the case of mobile testing, you have the wrong setup of the external camera. Make sure that the camera is at the right angle, focused and with the right light exposure.
  • In the case of mobile testing, you receive a call during the test. Put the phone in do not disturb mode before starting the test so that you don’t receive any calls during the test.

How do I get paid, and how much?

For each test you conduct after the initial qualification test, you get paid $5 to $10 depending on the company. You receive payment after approval usually by PayPal, or by another company specified by your employer.

What data should I give about me?

When signing up as a tester, you are asked about your basic demographic data, like age, native language, web experience. Each Company will have variations on this theme. This is done because clients want to test with different testers profiles based on their needs. None of your personal data (name, last name, email) is revealed to third parties, ever!

When will my qualification test get rated?

It can take between 7 and 15 days depending on how many people are joining up with that particular web testing site.

Okay now, onto the good stuff.

Here are 12 Companies for you to start with

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – This company is owned by Amazon. It offers Website Tester jobs, but the pay is very low.
  • Analysia – Test takes around 15 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test.
  • Enroll – Get paid to test websites before they are published. Earn cash rewards.
  • Start Up Lift – Website tester jobs available immediately. You are paid $5 per test via PayPal.
  • Testing Time – Get paid to conduct user testing studies. You will earn up to $50 per test, paid via PayPal. This one was fun. I did answer 100 qualifying questions but it only took about 10 minutes. I cannot wait for them to email me with another test.
  • TryMyUI – Tests takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test. This site had a couple of Bad reviews from testers. I have not tried to sign up for this site yet, so I cannot give a recommendation.
  • UserTesting –You are rewarded $10 cash for every 10-15 minute test you complete. No webcam is needed. – But please read all the information given, because I failed with this site because of lack of understanding. So the information above would have really help me with my join up test.
  • Whatusersdo – Pay is $8 or more via PayPal. A test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. You must have a Mac or PC, Internet access and microphone. I did experience some trouble joining this website and I have not bothered chasing it up yet.
  • UserTest – Pay is $10.50 per test study. It’s completely free to join and only takes 5 minutes to become a qualified tester. This is a British website.
  • UserFeel – This company pays around $10 per test.
  • Userlytics – Both webcam and microphone are required to complete a test. Pay is $10 per test.
  • UTest – This company offers a variety of website testing opportunities. However, it is a very technical process and once you start reading into the information before you start it can be very intimidating. I will give a thumbs up or down recommendation on this website once I am more comfortable with it. So far it is just scary)

I hope you find something that you are looking for.

If you would like to sign up for my newsletter and I will email you of other job opportunities when they come up. It will pop up as you leave the site.

Cheers Coucka



Hi, I am Coucka and I am sure you are just like me, stuck in a dead-end job I hated, never getting ahead financially, always struggling to pay the bills. God forbid if something should break like the car. Financial stress can be a truly frightening feeling that you have no control, and you are terrified wondering where the money will come from to fix the next appliance that breaks.


For nearly two years I trolled the internet looking for online employment to supplement my income. For every company I looked at, I did a Google business review. So many of those online jobs had negative comments about those businesses, which just turned me off applying. Eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliates and I couldn’t find one bad review, and here I had a chance to be my own boss.


Someone once told me “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” so I decided to be my own boss and took a leap of faith and joined Wealthy Affiliates… It was the best decision I ever made.

“Why you might ask?”

I had no idea what affiliate marketing was about, but I was desperate enough to try anything. I was very surprised that it was fun and easy to learn. I built a website, made some friends, and I have never been happier. I love this job and Wealthy affiliates have done nothing but support, encourage and help me every step of the way.

How does Wealthy Affiliates work?

Wealthy AffiliateThe formula for creating wealth is simple in principle. In practice, you will most probably fail on your own without a fabulous support network like Wealthy Affiliates. Unless of course, you have a degree in IT, CEO, search engine algorithms, and are a brilliant writer. (I had none of those skills, but I have learned)

Wealthy Affiliates has thousands of members who have mastered the secret of creating wealth online and all of them are available to answer your questions and support you through the process.

In my imagination can hear you saying “Why would they do that? … And what is the process?” Well, Wealthy Affiliates do this because when you succeed financially, they succeed financially. Wealthy Affiliates are 100% ethical in their business practices and they have a “Pay it Forward” philosophy, and the process looks something like this. Below is just an example of what you can do.


Wealthy Affiliate

  • You as a member of Wealthy Affiliates can start training for FREE and you can have two websites for FREE. The first 10 lessons will help you to get started and by the end of those lessons you will have your website up and running and your first blog ranked in Google.  If you decided this is not for you then you can opt out and it has cost you nothing, nada, zilch.  But, if you decide you love it like I did, then you can move forward on your own without technical support. Or you can pay a small monthly fee and have training, tech support for the rest of your life. A bonus is, if you pay yearly you will be given a 40% discount.

Next Step…

Amazon shoes
  • You find a Retailer’s website that has products to sell, like Amazon for example, and let us say you love “Ladies Shoes”, or for the gentlemen, you are mad for “Football”

Next Step…

  • Because you have a passion for ladies shoes Wealthy affiliate helps you build a niche website called “Fashion Shoes for Ladies”, or for the fella’s “Football Fanatics”. You register with Amazon to promote Amazon’s shoe products or football products

Next Step…


  • You promote your new website on social media….
  • Next Step…
  • An online customer finds shoes she has been looking for on your website. She reads your blog, loves your review about these high fashion shoes and she and clicks the link you provide to send her to Amazon’s lady’s shoe department. She is thrilled, Amazon has shoes in her size and she makes the purchase…
  • Next Step…
  • Amazon will give you a percentage of that sale as you are an Amazon affiliate who recommended Amazon’s ladies fashion shoe products to that customer. If your customer purchases other goods from the Amazon store you will also receive a percentage of those sales too. If you are lucky and she buys an enormous flat screen TV, then you are looking pretty for the day…
  • Next Step…
  • That’s is about it. (Rinse and repeat) You keep looking for online shops that have the kinds of shoes you would like to promote and you sign up for their affiliate programs. Then you get their creative banners and links with your own special code so they know to pay you after the sale, and just keep building your website until you cannot stuff another shoe or football into it. The aim is to eventually have money coming in even when you stop working… This is called “Passive income”.

I have said it before and I will say it again because it is so important. If you decided this is not for you then you can opt out and it has cost you nothing, nada, zilch. But, if you decide you love it like I did, then you can move forward on your own without technical support. Or you can pay a small monthly fee and have training, tech support for the rest of your life.  If you pay yearly you will be given a 40% discount.

==> To get the most advanced & comprehensive affiliate training, Click Here!

The Secrets for Creating Wealth – The answer is SUPPORT!

  • Only build one website at a time. Make sure you stick at it until it is filled out and earning good money before you build another new website. (I learnt that lesson the hard way. I won’t lie, there is a lot of work setting up.)
  • Have a plan of action. This is very important and Wealthy Affiliates will help you with this.
  • Set your goals and be consistent with how much time you can devote to your business each day. Remember this is a business, not a hobby, so you need to be realistic. The more work you can put into it, the faster it will begin to convert for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wealthy Affiliates will reach out to support you if you just ask for help. They are experts in this profession.
  • The people in the tech department are amazing and will do any tricky html coding if you are like me and cannot program.
  • Follow your dream and do not let anyone talk you down. A positive mindset is essential. We are all plagued with self-doubt and insecurities. So put your Goal up on the wall where you can see it every day. Once you have achieved a milestone, let’s say the first $1,000, and then buy yourself a treat as a reward. If you are like me you will become addicted to building your website. I have so much fun and this is the first job I have ever had that I love.
  • Remember. “Money is a renewable resource.” Keep this firmly in mind as you move forward, sometimes you have to spend a little to make a LOT.

…..So let’s do a quick review of Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate – Review and Rankings

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

OWNERS: Kyle and Carson

WEBSITE URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

TRAINING: 4.7 out of 5.0

SUPPORT: 5.0 out of 5.0

WEBSITE BUILDER: 4.9 out of 5.0

WORDPRESS HOSTING: 4.8 out of 5.0

RESEARCH TOOLS: 4.6 out of 5.0

SUCCESS STORIES: 4.4 out of 5.0

PRICE: Starter Member (FREE), Premium Membership ($49 per month or $359 per year)

wealth.karencouchman.com RATING: 4.8 out of 5


I have looked at other Affiliate Programs and none of them compares to this list of support that you get from Wealthy Affiliates.

  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy affiliates don’t boast they just succeed. The secret is if you join up and you are serious, they will support you all the way until you have reached your goal of financial freedom. If you are still not convinced the try before you buy career change. Then you can stick with your 9 to 5 job that pays next to nothing and let this opportunity slip away or…

==> Get the most advanced & comprehensive affiliate training, Click Here!


If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate at all, please leave me a comment in the box below, or you can email me at karencouchman@hotmail.com and I will answer any queries you may have.

I hope to see you on the other side.





If you are looking for some extra income there are literally hundreds of websites posting work for transcriptionists or for someone to do small computer jobs. Working online from home is going to be the way of the future, so embrace the idea and think about what you would like to do for a living and see if FIVERR can accommodate you.


Okay, FIVERR is a company that outsources small jobs for business people who are on a tight budget. They seem to do the job of finding your customers in the most efficient way possible. Customers will connect with Fiverr and make a request under the following categories.

  • Logo design – If you click on the above image it will take you to a sample page of the kinds of professional logos you can expect.
  • Writing & translation
  • Music
  • Audio
  • Video & animation
  • Graphics & design
  • Digital marketing
  • Fun and lifestyle.

There are subcategories and literally thousands of online jobs you can do. If you just look at the banner I produced at the top of the page. This shows you only two jobs that people have chosen for themselves. You can literally start a business from home just with this one website.

You can charge for your service from $5 up to $10K by offering your clients three option packages.

    • Basic Package let say for $5 to $10
    • Intermediate Package for $15 to $45
    • An Ultimate Package for $50 to ??? whatever you want.

Things to be aware of

FIVERR will take 20% of the money you earn as they are providing you a service by connecting you with clients, so be aware and factor that expense into your pricing. Remember you also will have to pay tax too so add in that percentage also.

Example – you might want $15 to write a 300-word article for a magazine. Add on 20% for FIVERR which will make it $18 then let’s say the tax is 10%, so add on another $1.80, so the cost for your GIG would be $19.80 for you to write your 300-word article.

A typical request from a client can be for something like an e-cover book design for an affiliate, or you might be asked to do some blog content writing, or you might decide to go online and hit like buttons on certain Facebook or Pinterest pages for a client. Maybe even design a logo. There are literally hundreds of different jobs you can do.

For this blog, I will choose my interest and go through the process of offering my skills as a graphics designer to FIVERR at a price that is a little more realistic than $5.

The information you will need to provide

The first step is to:

  • Log onto https://www.fiverr.com/login click the green join button at the top right-hand corner, then enter your best email address, one that you check regularly.
  • Choose a Username – I would choose Coucka
  • Choose a Password – 8 characters or longer, with upper and lower case letters and numbers. Then hit JOIN. (Remember to keep a copy of this information in case you forget it.)
  • In the menu bar at the top click on “Become A Seller”
  • Fill out the profile page and give as much detail as you can for the type of job you would be interested in doing and how many hours a week you will work.
  • FIVERR will want your social contact details as well to verify you are legitimate.
  • Spend some time looking at the categories and subcategories to see what a good fit is for you.
  • Think about the kinds of jobs you could do quickly for five or ten dollars.
  • Once you know what you want to do for clients, then you can fill out the next document asking you what services you will provide. FIVERR likes to call it your GIG.
  • Then you will need to fill out your GIG Package, there is a 5-minute video tutorial showing you exactly the kind of information needed for a preformatted package. So you will need to spend a half hour, or so, filling out that form.
  • Don’t undersell your services. I will be offering a Basic Package for $10, A Professional Package for $25 and An Ultimate Package for $50. If the client wants your product or service urgently then I would add a surcharge of $10? (that price would be up to you)
  • FIVERR then asks me to set up a GIG gallery of three examples of logos and E-covers that are typical of what I will produce for my customers. They also offer to host a 75-second video of your GIG offering. I think this is optional, but it can increase your offers from clients by 40% (apparently). Below is one design I mocked up for Fiverr.

If the job description is vague and the client doesn’t really know what he wants, then that can be a problem. So ask for a lot of details like preferred colours, the exact text needed for the title and subtext etc. This will save you re-editing and in your packages let the clients know how many redo’s you will allow before the price goes up.

If you do go into graphics and do not have the software, you can use a free online app. I found a really easy to use app called SNAPPA  https://snappa.com .  You can log in and start designing with a limited pallet for free if you like using the app and want more features and unlimited templates then it is $120 for the year.

Here is a video showing you how easy Snappa is to use it lasts around 10 minutes. But this is a fantastic tool for you to create your own graphics and add them to your website if you want to.

Snappa Video

Spend as much time as you need to think your packages through. Your skills are valuable and you have bills to pay so be realistic. Check out their example pages in your area of expertise which will help you.

Remember when you first start out, be available and consistent.

You can create one GIG see how you go with it and if you are doing well and want to do more you can create a second GIG perhaps trying something new that you enjoy.

It will not take long before clients will come back looking for you. You can make this a part-time job for a little extra pocket money, or this could be a full-time job depending on your level of interest.

Perhaps, like the man above, you too might like to be playing pranks. This can be a fun way to earn money online.

Remember it is called FIVERR https://www.fiverr.com and this company just may set you free from you’re your annoying boss and less than thrilling current occupation. The good thing is you can try it for a few months before you jump in full time.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog. I will be showing you other ways to make money online. So if you are interested you can leave your email in the box at the top of the page and I will send you out other blog posts.

Also, remember that affiliate marketing is a long-term business to set up. Wealthy affiliates is the smart choice to join with. It is free to join and you can try before you buy. There is nowhere else that will give you two free websites, 10 free lessons and a community of thousands to help support you when you are down or stuck. Click Wealthy Affiliate if you want to want to learn how to generate passive income.

If you choose otherwise, then FIVERR is an option to look at. Click the image below.

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you ASAP.