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I started looking for work online.

Why? you might ask… because when you are over 50 it becomes much more difficult to find employment if you change jobs. Age discrimination is alive and well in most countries, I know in Australia where I live, this is the case.

Instead of respecting our lifetime of accumulated experience, we slightly more mature persons become invisible (like Ninjas’) and are considered washed up and irrelevant. I don’t know about you but I am not washed up and like a veteran Ninja, I still have a lot to say and teach. So in a huff, I decided to be a self-employed online worker, and do you know what? it has been fun, exciting, and I am learning new things every day. I refuse to be invisible, and ineffective, so here I am and I am going to find and show you ways of earning a living online.

You may like some options and not others but the main thing is to keep an open mind and give things a try. It won’t be long before you become comfortable making a hobby into a business. Working online means that you don’t need to worry about having enough money for your retirement. Retirement should not be dull, you can choose to work whatever hours you want for yourself. A social life should not be the only thing you have in retirement, keeping yourself young is about exploring possibilities. The best thing about working online is that you can travel anytime you want and still work because laptops are transportable. These days wireless networks are available in most places.


1. You might have a charity that you wish to help. By building a website and driving traffic to it, you can bring more public awareness to those you are helping. Your website can be monetised and some of the proceeds can go to your charity. How much money and how you structure your website is entirely up to you. But you should not do this on your own as the internet is constantly changing and technical support is essential. As such, a community-minded affiliate program will help you to set up and teach you how to manage it. The best try before you buy affiliate program for this is Wealthy Affiliates  They will give you two free websites and 10 lessons on how to set up your website and get started. If you want to learn more you can sign up to be a premium member and the lessons will continue until you are a webmaster.

2. A home business could be typing from home. There are literally thousands of typing/transcription jobs listed online every day and you are not bound by the country you live in, in fact, you can type for anyone anywhere in the world. I will write a blog giving you all the best Online companies to work for. If you sign-up for my newsletter I will email new posts to you.

3. You might decide you would like to work for Google, as they supply laptops if yours is too old for the latest software.

4. Or, you might decide to do Affiliate Marketing. In which case, there are a number of excellent affiliate programs you can join. Whatever you decide, the online community has a host of possibilities.  The options for online line work are endless and just think of the fun you will have in setting up a website so that you can give back to the community.

I am no longer and invisible. Online I have a voice and I intend to use it. If you are interested in finding wealth and freedom Online then please leave your email for my newsletter and I will send you out free tips and tricks for driving traffic to your website and other cool stuff.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave a comment below.

Peace and Love Coucka