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Wealth, Health and Relationships

There are 3 main subjects headings, “Wealth, Health and Relationships” and all three are trending as the best arenas for making an income. Within these topics, there will be hundreds of products that will convert well in terms of making a great income.


The first is “WEALTH” which appeals to everyone and it is a broad field. It should be easy to find some niche that you are passionate about within each of these topics.

Think about your life experience and what excites you so that you can blog about your passion. For wealth creation, you will need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online. A website is equivalent to the foundation for a building.  In order for a carpenter to successfully build a house, or an architect to build a skyscraper, it requires a solid foundation.  An online business is the same and your foundation is your website.

Then you need to look at Affiliate Networks, the best networks are Wealthy Affiliates,  Warriorplus.com, JVZoo.com, and Hostgator to name a few. There are more but I don’t want to overwhelm you with possibilities.

There is no point setting up a website if you cannot find an affiliate to monetise it. Believe me, I have been there a couple of times, it is fun writing the blogs, but without products that are related to the subject, you are just working hard for nothing.

Young or old, we all need an income. Wealth is just the way the world is driven these days and cash is needed for everything, doctors, dentists, cars, grocery shopping, holidays, the list is literally endless. Money is the necessary evil that is needed for everything, and the way to make money is to promote high converting top affiliate marketing products.

Subjects for creating wealth are internet marketing for courses on the following.

  • How to make money online
  • SEO training ( Search Engine Optimsation )
  • Website Development
  • Web Site Marketing
  • E-commerce Website
  • Mobile responsive sites

Wealthy Affiliates  is super easy if you are new to the industry. The training course is very user-friendly and flexible. It is FREE to join and you get the following.

  • Personal Help & Support
    • Ability to get personal help from me Kyle who is the head of the company.
    • Help within a community of 10,000’s of users
    • Live Chat support
    • Ongoing topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites
    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Ready to make money online
  • Heaps of  Free Training
    • Video Classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms

If you are interested in joining WA you will see the highlighted text and when you click on that text it will take the FREE join up page.

WarriorPlus.com I think is for the more tech savvy. If you already have a background in web development and internet marketing, then this link will give you heaps of free training on how to take your marketing to the next level to automate and increase your income in step by step methods. I learned a lot from this site but I did find it more difficult than Wealthy Affiliates, but it is well supported although not a huge as WA, or as social, so you may have to wait an hour or so before help arrives in your email box.


The second topic is Health and fitness. Everyone is concerned with their health especially the aging population. The baby boomers born in the 1950s to 1960s are the largest part of most countries populations. They are cashed up, retiring and looking to extend their lives so that they have quality time in retirement.

If you wish to do a more traditional market then ClickBank is a great affiliate program you may want to look at for websites for you to build for the following niches.

  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Anything “computer” related
  • DIY how-to courses
  • Gambling
  • Anything “sport” related
  • Dieting
  • Cooking

Again the list is by no means complete and you need to think about a niche that you love. For an example, if you love DIY or basketball, you could base your website on that topic. Don’t make your niche too narrow as you need to be able to expand and grow your business. If you pick something like basketball shoes, your sales will be in just that arena, whereas, if you pick Basketball tips and tricks it is still niche but a broader topic and you can pick and choose if you want to sell, basketball techniques, shoes, basketballs, clothes, and anything else that can be monetised through affiliates that sell those products.

IMPORTANT – Do research to see what basketball items affiliate programs are selling. If there are not enough products to promote you will be very limited in what you can sell.


Who has not been in love or wishes to be in love. Sex sells, and there are a number of ways of monetizing a niche website that is based on relationships. For example just look at how many dating websites there are these days. 20 years ago they were unheard-of and relationships were by accidental meetings and the exchange of complementing pheromones the culprit that makes us fall in love. Falling out of love can be just as profitable for people that will tell you a thousand ways to get back at your ex.

ClickBank also caters for this topic.

  • Seduction
  • Getting your ex back

You might be thinking that in all of these areas there is going to be tons of competition. You would be right, but here is the thing… The more competition in the market, the more profitable the market is. The truth is, there is room in any market for you to carve out an income and with experience comes the tips and tricks for edging out the competition. You just work smarter not harder. Try to use the dummies method. Basically, if they’ve got a Dummies book on your market subject… Then that’s a massive indicator that it’s a wildly profitable market.

So all you’ve got to do is:

1. Head over to Dummies.com

2. Put in your market keyword like fishing, bodybuilding, weight loss etc in the search bar.

3. Then see if they’re selling physical books on the subject.

If yes, that’s awesome ! …  This is another indicator your market is indeed profitable.




So to sum up. To begin you need to:

  • Choose a topic for your website
  • Research affiliates that support your interest to see if they carry plenty of stock
  • Check with Dummies to see if they have a book on your topic
  • Join an Affiliate Program that will help and support you to achieve your goal
  • Commence training and commit yourself to the task.

This is just the beginning and I will be blogging more tips and tricks tomorrow.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply ASAP

Peace and Love Coucka