ABC Fundraising Review

ABC Fundraising Review – Be an ABC Distributor

Name: ABC Fundraising (For American citizens only)

Website: https://www.abcfundraising.com/

Price to Join:

  • Gold Package – $367 join up (Best value)
  • Silver Package – $495 join up
  • Bronze Package – $630 join up – this can also be paid in monthly instalments of $105.

Owners: Jamie Speirs

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

ABC FUNDRAISING – Product Overview

I did a search on Google and found great reviews on this business opportunity and it looks like it is not a scam and the people that do fundraise with ABC love the company and they make excellent money doing so. It was not possible for me to do a real in-depth study as this online work opportunity is only for American citizens. I do not qualify to join and participating was not possible. I did look at a lot of reviews from other companies that did check out ABC Fundraising to get an idea of the general consensus of opinions. All of the reports were positive and encouraging. As such I thought I would give you a sample of the kind of reviews ABC is getting, I have copied an article from www.OpportuityChecker.com and they wrote this article about ABC Fundraising…

“Fundraising is a great way to earn money for a cause that is important to you, whether it is an existing program or a new one. While some non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, churches, charities, PTA’s committees, and youth groups may have donors to fund the program, others must take matters into their own hands and raise money. With ABC Fundraising’s products and services, you can raise the amount of money necessary to meet your needs.

Because they offer so many fundraising options, ABC Fundraising has consultants that are available to provide clients with the best advice to maximize their potential earnings. There are also articles that are posted on the site as an additional resource; some information within the articles includes suggestions for fundraisers, tips to get people involved in the efforts and much more.

ABC Fundraising understands that funds may not be available at the time the order is placed so they have different payment options available for your convenience. Payments can be made up front or within 30 days. They accept credit cards, money orders and check by phone; they will even hold the payment for 30 days before processing it should you need them to do so.

To try it out simply request a free fundraising package online. The sample package has information about ABC Fundraisers including details on The Scratch & Help® fundraiser, the Cookie Dough Fundraiser and the Spinners™ fundraiser. You also receive a sample of the ABC Fundraising Card®, the most profitable fundraising card in the country.

ABC Fundraising is always searching for new independent distributors to sell fundraising packages. This is a great job for people who want to work from home and set their own hours. By filling out the form online anyone can obtain a free, no obligation, business opportunity information package. It takes approximately one week to receive once they send it out; you can start working as soon as you receive it.

As an independent contractor, you will call non-profit organizations, churches and schools to offer them fundraising opportunities using the fundraising products offered through ABC Fundraising. Not only are you able to select your own contacts, but they will also send you free leads to follow up with. Contractors earn commission off of their accounts year after year; after building up a base of accounts it is possible to earn thousands of dollars in a month.

Fundraising can help raise awareness in your community and gain supporters for a cause. The more people you reach out to with your fundraising efforts can lead you to a wealth of lifelong supporters. Creating a following is important to the future success of any group. Collecting money for something that means a lot to you is intrinsically rewarding especially when the difference you make in the present influences the future success of the organization.”

Source – Thanks to Opportunity Checker.com for sharing this article with us.

The Good & the Bad


PRO #1The people that work for ABC make great money and they love what they are doing. You only have to listen to the testimonials to hear the excitement in their voices when they talk about what they do and what a difference to make to their schools and churches. All you need is a phone and a laptop.

PRO #2
One of the products on offer is called “Scratch and Help Fundraiser Cards” it is the most popular product and you make 90% profit and a big chunk of that goes to you the independent distributor.

PRO #3
Depending on what package you join up with GOLD is the best value. You will be given unlimited coaching, free leads (which is amazing), all the materials you will need and if you go GOLD those materials are doubled and your profits are higher than with the other packages. You don’t even need to take orders or bill the people you want to help. ABC takes care of all of that… that is awesome.


CON #1 – It is popular and they do have limited openings. When I did the seminar they only had 10 spots open at that time and they fill quickly. However, they are expanding all the time and new spots open up regularly, so I am sure you can get on their sign up sheet.

ABC Fundraising is for anyone who wants to help out and give back to their communities.

Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea and I will be looking to see if there is something similar in Australia. Family and communities are so important and this is a fantastic way to help and earn what looks like good money while you are doing it. As I am an Australian citizen this is not an online work opportunity for me, otherwise, I would have signed up by now. I did sit in on the webinar to take a look at how ABC works and I have to say I wish we had something like this in Australia. I highly recommend you take a look at the webinar it can explain how the system works far better than I ever could and it is only about 30 minutes long. Here is the link for you to request to join a webinar. –  https://www.abcfundraising.com/

This is a video presentation on the most profitable fundraising product which ABC has called the Scratch and help card fundraiser. There are a lot of different products other than just this, but this short 4-minute video will help to give you an idea of what you would be doing as an independent distributor and what kind of profit you would be making.

My Final Opinion of ABC Fundraising

Name: ABC Fundraising (For American citizens only)

Website: https://www.abcfundraising.com/

Price to Join:

Gold Package – $367 join up (Best value)

Silver Package – $495 join up

Bronze Package – $630 join up – this can also be paid in monthly instalments of $105.

Owners: Jamie Speirs

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Check out the ABC website and leave your email. An information package will be sent to you. Remember you can also request to book a time for a webinar which will give you a great look at how it all works.

If you are still not happy with this online job, you can join up for free with my number 1 recommendation  Wealthy Affiliates to be an online entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and if you have any questions please send me a message and I will help ASAP.

Cheers from Coucka