How to use Tailwind for Pinterest & Instagram FREE


Price: FREE to start for the first month.

  • Basic package $15 per month or
  • UPGRADE – $119.88 for the year and get 4 months free per social profile. This allows you unlimited pins to schedule.

Tailwind Product Overview

Hi, I am Coucka and I am fairly new to affiliate marketing. I am still trying to figure out the basics. However, one thing I have learned over the past few months is that Pinterest will drive about 50% of all traffic to your website. So obviously Pinterest is something we all need to look at to achieve sales. Pinterest does take a lot of time out of your day and Tailwind is the perfect solution for time management.

I have been slowly building up my Pins and my boards, but so far, because I am new I have not been able to get onto any group boards. A few days ago I decided to have a look at Tailwind which was the Pinterest preferred Pin Management App… Actually, as of now, Tailwind is officially the only App that Pinterest will accept. All other Apps have been banned for scheduling pins.

Every post I have read in regard to Tailwind said that Tailwind is fantastic to use. I concur that Tailwind is user-friendly and is very flexible in the way it is set out, but it can be quite expensive to use. So naturally, I was a little hesitant when I first signed up for Tailwind.

Tailwind is FREE to start

I was pleasantly surprised to learn you get the first month for free. Like Wealthy Affiliates, Tailwind is another “Try before you buy” situation, which is sensible if you want people to join up. I love this option because when you know something is as great as everyone says it is. Then as a buyer, I am less dubious about spending $15 a month to buy in when the time comes.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that when you sign up, you can join tribes which are collaborative groups with similar interest and goals. I suppose this means they are similar to group boards, but you do not need permission to join a lot of them. Just stick to tribe rules and everyone is happy.

Some tribes are similar to Wealthy Affiliates in that if you want to share a pin you have to share 2 pins from other tribe members. This way everyone gets exposure to the public. Each tribe is different and has different rules. Make sure you are clear about what you can and cannot do for each tribe.

Here I have an introductory video for those of you that are new to Tailwind. You may just want to check it out.

You can create a new tribe of your own. I started one called “Coucka’s Affiliates” and I invite you to join. Just click on my link. When it is your turn to invite someone, remember, whoever you invite does not have to be a part of Tailwind. The invitations are open to anyone.

So I watched the video tutorials and was pleased to learn it was easy to follow. Before long, I started adding my pins into the scheduling planner in a Que to be pinned to my new tribe board and 2 other communal tribe boards at specific times. Tailwind has an option for automatically designated times which Tailwind sets as being optimal for the best exposure for your audience to participate.

When you invite new members to your tribe you can use an affiliate link. Your guest will automatically get the first month on Tailwind for FREE. Plus if they redeem your gift you will get $15 credit too. This will cover the next month of your Tailwind expense.

Another bonus is you can automatically use Tailwind to send pins out to Instagram at the same time. This app will save you hundreds of hours in a 12-month period. For this, I am grateful as I have so many other things to do and I would rather be writing blogs than wasting time posting pins everywhere.

If you invite one guest a month to sign up on Tailwind, your next month is automatically paid for. It sounds sweet to me and manageable.

Things to do

  • Get an affiliate link

Rather than sign up for a special affiliate program (which most companies require), Tailwind automatically gives EVERYONE their own affiliate link. In case you are wondering where YOUR affiliate code is, just sign into Tailwind (if you are a member). At the top of every page is a toolbar that has a heart. Just click on that heart and it will take you to your own code. They even offer links to automatically share it from Facebook, Twitter, or via Email – EXAMPLE – My affiliate link looks like this…


This link will take you to the Tailwind sign-up page. This link also carries an extra bit of code that says “Coucka is sending you this referral”. So, when someone signs up under this link, I get paid with a free month of service ($15) and you get a FREE month on Tailwind too.

  • Share, Share ,Share your link everywhere

Sharing your link is EASY.  I have included it in this one about Tailwind.

  • Sign up new members then sit back and get Tailwind for as long as you want

This step is the easiest of all Tailwind will be working hard to send you customers. You will be contacted of any join-ups which puts you in credit with Tailwind. If you work this right you may never have to pay for Tailwind at all.


1. Tailwind offers the first month FREE

2. Tailwind gives you the opportunity to never pay for their service buy recruiting new user’s to their app.

3. Tailwind is fun and easy to use. If I can do it, you can because I am nearly 60 years old and my brain is not as fast as it used to be. So Tailwind is old people friendly. Yippee! Finally, something I can understand.

4. Tailwind can now be used for scheduling Pins to Instagram. This is another massive time saver.


1. All other choices are off the table. Tailwind is now the only scheduling app allowed on Pinterest.

2. The basic monthly fee if you do not recruit is $15 a month.


Product Review

Name: Tailwind

Website: www.tailwindapp.com

Price: First month FREE

MY VERDICT: LEGIT – THERE IS NO SCAM HERE and it rates as 95/100


I hope you found this interesting. If you do CLICK HERE to sign up with Tailwind and set yourself free of endless hours of scheduling pins. It is nice to share and now it is profitable.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Coucka Couchman


  1. This is great and super timely for me. I am just starting to get into pinterest and don’t have a ton of time to keep up with all the work required. I’m definitely going to look at Tailwind!

    • Hi Kimberly,
      You will be surprised how quickly tailwind finds you, followers. It has been less than a week and I already have about 20 new followers. The numbers seem to be doubling each day. So go for it Tailwind is awesome.

  2. I’ve not heard of this before. I know Pinterest is a really useful tool for driving traffic to a website. I’m not quite sold on the benefits of Instagram just yet, but if this app can save me time in promoting my business then that can only be a good thing. I’ve tried Facebook but I’m not entirely convinced that this is a useful thing – seems the only way you can really get followers when you’re starting out is to run paid ads on Facebook or to invite your friends, neither of which really appeal to me. If Tailwind is going to help me find some followers, and in turn help me grow my business, then this can only be a good thing. When I get Pinterest set up I’ll definitely be giving this a try! Thanks for a useful article.

    All the best

    • Hi Jack,
      Tailwind definitely has increased traffic to my website in the past month. It is amazing the way that it works, I guess you can say it is a bit like WA in that it has a pay it forward philosophy. In the tribes for every pin you place of yours… you must repin one or two pins from someone else.
      I have to say that other peoples pins are very educational and I have had some great information and ideas from people in the same niche.
      I think it is well worth the money and it only takes one day to program a months worth of pins to automatically get sent to whatever boards or groups you want. I went from zero views on my website to 2,000 views in just the last 30 days and now it is paying off in comments and site hits.

      Cheers Coucka

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