How to write headlines that go viral

Source- An article was written on okdork.com/viral and Buzzsumo about typical Headlines and content that usually goes viral. There are 6 Headline types that are consistent with public interest and you should be aware of these when you are writing your blogs.

  • Threat Headlines

An example of threat headline could be.

“7 WARNING SIGNS YOUR CHILD IS TAKING DRUGS” Our family and friends are precious to us, so shock and threats to friends and families will naturally focus attention. These kinds of headlines are the ultimate attention grabbers.

  • Zen Headlines

These headlines have been used for centuries by religious orders to teach patience in this life by offering a promise of a better life in the next world. Sometimes they even offer a better life in this life, by following their faith. It is a tried and true headline which captures people’s imagination.

  • Piggyback Headlines

Who is famous in your niche? Think about the influencers that have made it big in your industry, look at what they are talking about and name-drop. For instance Jason Stone is a multimillionaire affiliate who built his career on Instagram. Anything he says publicly is gold at the moment. So quoting him will get attention in my niche.

  • Mistake Headlines

An example of this kind of headline would be


You get the picture. Any of these headlines can be changed and used for any niche.

  • How to Headlines

These headlines are so popular because they summarise quick easy step by step methods of achieving a goal.

  • List Headlines

I left the best for last because who does not love a list headline? Example


When you combine these kinds of headlines with the following kinds of content then you are sitting on gold, as long as you can push your content through social media and get it out to your subscribers’ list.

Content that goes viral

People make emotional decisions because they are motivated by primeval instincts to protect loved ones or to give them a better life. It is this type of writing you need to tap into make you stand out from the crowd. There are also 7 Types of posts that can go viral.

Okay, I know you are getting excited now so here they are.

  • Long posts over 2000 words

    (I can hear you groaning in dismay) 🙂

Most long viral posts have rich keyword content. They are picked up by the search engines and given priority especially when they are connected with emotional content such as the Threat and Zen headlines.

  • Posts with images

Nearly everyone reacts positively to visual images, it is your choice of image that will make the difference.

Some people’s pets have gone viral online because they are cute, adorable because they are kicking up our dopamine levels secreted by our visual cortex. The end result, we feel happy and we want to stay and engage further with these cats and dogs.

You need to bring that kind of feeling to your readers by giving them visual content that makes them happy or sad. Any emotion good or bad attracts and holds attention.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so if you can use visuals to illustrate your point, you have saved yourself a lot of typing.

  • Posts with Awe, Laughter and Amusement

This is fairly self-explanatory and it is an expansion of the posts with images. Illustrations with any of these elements will tickle funny bones. Shock people into action, or just make them laugh out loud. Whichever element you use to grab attention you have succeeded when they join your subscribers’ list because they want more of the same. So give it to them and have them coming back again and again and again.

  • Lists and Infographics

Post with lists and infographics add an element of credibility to your posts. If you have a graph which shows how an action can increase sales, then, of course, the reader will be more interested and will keep reading even if the topic is dry and boring. That is because Infographics are a proof element and highly desirable on a subconscious level.

  • Posts with 10 items in the list

These kinds of posts are gold and have been used for so long now, who knows when they started, but they are still popular. So keep it in mind.

  • Posts that build trust

The first thing that Wealthy Affiliate will do is to ask you to write a Bio about yourself and add a photo. This is because you are the avatar of your website when people can see you and know a little about your life, they will believe that you are open and transparent, and over time they will begin to trust you.

You MUST keep the faith with your readers and build on that trust because they will come to you and will want your advice. It is your job to do the best you can for them and if they want to know something you don’t know. Find out and get back to them, or refer them to someone with expertise in that area.

Your clients will remember that you went the extra mile for them and trust will grow.

  • Influencers

I have saved the best for last.

This subject I will go into depth, on another blog as it is very important because it is something you to need to aspire to.

Influencers are people like Oprah and Ellen who look for and find the best guests to present relevant information on their shows. Obviously, the audience loves the guest, but they love the presenter even more. Oprah is the Queen of Influence and she has master the art of it.

I can hear you saying “Yeah but how does that relate to me?”

Well on your website you are Oprah and you will be presenting curated information which over time will make you an influencer too.


Well that’s is it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and you can apply this information to your website. My next post is going to be a list of free resources to build your websites. So please come back and visit, or click on the newsletter and leave your email.

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