Think about it. Do you feel tired at certain times of the day? look at your work load, roll your eyes and wish the day was over. To push on can lead to bad decisions or emotional decisions that are not thought through. If you are in business for yourself this can be costly.


  • Did you know the average person makes 35,000 decision a day? – 227 of those decisions on food alone.
  • As your responsibility at work and at home increases, so does the choices you are faced with every day.
  • A child with no responsibilities makes on average 3000 decisions per day.
  • Simple things like what to eat, clothes to were, what to buy, what we believe, how we vote, how we spend our time, what we say and how we say it. No to mention the thousands of decisions needed each day to govern our children, all lead to “Decision fatigue.”


According to research, there seems there is a limit to the number of good decisions people can make in a day.

I laughed when I read that Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg all are known to reduce their choice of clothing down to 2 outfits to limit the number of their decisions made in a day. It sounds crazy to me, but there is scientific evidence that supports that when you are “Decision tired” everyone is afflicted with the following symptoms, which I like to call the Zombie Effect.

  • Have a reduced capacity to make trade-off decisions

A trade-off of two choices is an advanced energy-consuming form of decision-making. Once you are mentally depleted, you become reluctant to make trade-offs or become inclined to make bad decisions. When tired, a late afternoon trip to the supermarket can cause more decision fatigue with poor people rather than the rich. Because each purchase requires more mental trade-offs in regard to their financial limitations. By the time they get to the cash register, they have less willpower to resist the impulse buys at the cash register.

  • Decision avoidance

Happens when you have reached your quota of decisions made for the day. This decision avoidance technique is subconsciously used to bypass trade-offs and often leads to a default decision which is just keeping the status quo. (In other words, no decision is made). This makes me think that politicians suffer from BIG TIME decision fatigue.

  • Impulse purchasing

Supermarkets are very aware of decision fatigue so they place candy and snacks next to the cash registers to take advantage of this. I don’t know about you but if I shop in the afternoon on an empty stomach with a list of 5 items I need. I always walk out with more than double of what was on my list, even when I cannot afford to. The extra is usually junk food or stuff I don’t really need. When I get home and have a cup of tea and a break I often think to myself “Why the Hell did I buy that? I have 6 of those in the cupboard.” But I was too tired to remember.

  • Impaired self-regulation

Decision fatigue also leads to personal and social problems such as

  • Bad debt
  • Underachievement at work or school.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Lack of Impulse control. An example of poor impulse control is people in high office often fail in their private lives due to decision fatigue, by making disastrous decisions at home after a long day of decision-making at work.

One research study in Wikipedia found that the decisions Judges make are strongly influenced by how long it has been since their last break. “Finding that the percentage of favourable rulings drops gradually from 65% to nearly zero within each decision session, and returns abruptly to 65% after a break.”

This is kind of scary if you are innocent of a crime and the Judge is too tired to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life.


I did not know anything about decision fatigue, but in reflection, I have to admit that I am sharper in the morning. I work quickly and get more work done between 6 am to 12 noon. Later in the day, it is normal for me to make irrational trade-offs in the decisions I have made.

I feel exhausted just thinking about all of this. Could it be that all of these decisions we make each day effectively stop us from reaching our goals in life?

After all the research reading I have done on this subject, I am frighteningly aware of how much Decision Fatigue I am suffering from. So, perhaps those crazy people who have lists for everyday decisions are not so crazy after all. Perhaps that is why they are high achievers because they have routine decisions on paper so their choices are pre-made. Leaving them mentally sharp to make the big decisions about their business or careers.


By setting up a daily schedule for different tasks, we can

  • Sit down and think about the times of the day when we are mentally sharp. Then schedule all the big life-changing decisions for this time.
  • If you do not work for yourself and it is not possible for you to manage this, then develop a “Pros and Cons” list to help you to make better decisions late in the afternoon. This way you can minimise tired or emotional decisions.
  • Make a set routine for everyday activities to minimise your decisions.
  • If your work situation is in rostered shifts. Delegate decisions to the next shift manager with a list of decisions you did not have the time or the mental energy for.

If you are involved with something like accounting. I bet if you check the work done from the previous day while you were tired, you will find mistakes that normally you would not make. Unless you are self-employed or live in Spain, Power Naps or Afternoon Siestas are frowned upon. (The Spanish are so wise about this kind of thing) Work schedules will minimise bad decision-making.

I know I suffer from all the decision-making side effects listed above and I am going to make a daily schedule of mundane decisions to free up my mental exhaustion. What I used to call my “Nanna Naps” I am now going to call my incredibly important “Power Naps” to increase my decision-making ability.

Do you suffer from poor or impulsive decisions too? or am I alone in this and quite crazy?

I would love to hear what you think about this subject.


ABC Fundraising Review

ABC Fundraising Review – Be an ABC Distributor

Name: ABC Fundraising (For American citizens only)

Website: https://www.abcfundraising.com/

Price to Join:

  • Gold Package – $367 join up (Best value)
  • Silver Package – $495 join up
  • Bronze Package – $630 join up – this can also be paid in monthly instalments of $105.

Owners: Jamie Speirs

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

ABC FUNDRAISING – Product Overview

I did a search on Google and found great reviews on this business opportunity and it looks like it is not a scam and the people that do fundraise with ABC love the company and they make excellent money doing so. It was not possible for me to do a real in-depth study as this online work opportunity is only for American citizens. I do not qualify to join and participating was not possible. I did look at a lot of reviews from other companies that did check out ABC Fundraising to get an idea of the general consensus of opinions. All of the reports were positive and encouraging. As such I thought I would give you a sample of the kind of reviews ABC is getting, I have copied an article from www.OpportuityChecker.com and they wrote this article about ABC Fundraising…

“Fundraising is a great way to earn money for a cause that is important to you, whether it is an existing program or a new one. While some non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, churches, charities, PTA’s committees, and youth groups may have donors to fund the program, others must take matters into their own hands and raise money. With ABC Fundraising’s products and services, you can raise the amount of money necessary to meet your needs.

Because they offer so many fundraising options, ABC Fundraising has consultants that are available to provide clients with the best advice to maximize their potential earnings. There are also articles that are posted on the site as an additional resource; some information within the articles includes suggestions for fundraisers, tips to get people involved in the efforts and much more.

ABC Fundraising understands that funds may not be available at the time the order is placed so they have different payment options available for your convenience. Payments can be made up front or within 30 days. They accept credit cards, money orders and check by phone; they will even hold the payment for 30 days before processing it should you need them to do so.

To try it out simply request a free fundraising package online. The sample package has information about ABC Fundraisers including details on The Scratch & Help® fundraiser, the Cookie Dough Fundraiser and the Spinners™ fundraiser. You also receive a sample of the ABC Fundraising Card®, the most profitable fundraising card in the country.

ABC Fundraising is always searching for new independent distributors to sell fundraising packages. This is a great job for people who want to work from home and set their own hours. By filling out the form online anyone can obtain a free, no obligation, business opportunity information package. It takes approximately one week to receive once they send it out; you can start working as soon as you receive it.

As an independent contractor, you will call non-profit organizations, churches and schools to offer them fundraising opportunities using the fundraising products offered through ABC Fundraising. Not only are you able to select your own contacts, but they will also send you free leads to follow up with. Contractors earn commission off of their accounts year after year; after building up a base of accounts it is possible to earn thousands of dollars in a month.

Fundraising can help raise awareness in your community and gain supporters for a cause. The more people you reach out to with your fundraising efforts can lead you to a wealth of lifelong supporters. Creating a following is important to the future success of any group. Collecting money for something that means a lot to you is intrinsically rewarding especially when the difference you make in the present influences the future success of the organization.”

Source – Thanks to Opportunity Checker.com for sharing this article with us.

The Good & the Bad


PRO #1The people that work for ABC make great money and they love what they are doing. You only have to listen to the testimonials to hear the excitement in their voices when they talk about what they do and what a difference to make to their schools and churches. All you need is a phone and a laptop.

PRO #2
One of the products on offer is called “Scratch and Help Fundraiser Cards” it is the most popular product and you make 90% profit and a big chunk of that goes to you the independent distributor.

PRO #3
Depending on what package you join up with GOLD is the best value. You will be given unlimited coaching, free leads (which is amazing), all the materials you will need and if you go GOLD those materials are doubled and your profits are higher than with the other packages. You don’t even need to take orders or bill the people you want to help. ABC takes care of all of that… that is awesome.


CON #1 – It is popular and they do have limited openings. When I did the seminar they only had 10 spots open at that time and they fill quickly. However, they are expanding all the time and new spots open up regularly, so I am sure you can get on their sign up sheet.

ABC Fundraising is for anyone who wants to help out and give back to their communities.

Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea and I will be looking to see if there is something similar in Australia. Family and communities are so important and this is a fantastic way to help and earn what looks like good money while you are doing it. As I am an Australian citizen this is not an online work opportunity for me, otherwise, I would have signed up by now. I did sit in on the webinar to take a look at how ABC works and I have to say I wish we had something like this in Australia. I highly recommend you take a look at the webinar it can explain how the system works far better than I ever could and it is only about 30 minutes long. Here is the link for you to request to join a webinar. –  https://www.abcfundraising.com/

This is a video presentation on the most profitable fundraising product which ABC has called the Scratch and help card fundraiser. There are a lot of different products other than just this, but this short 4-minute video will help to give you an idea of what you would be doing as an independent distributor and what kind of profit you would be making.

My Final Opinion of ABC Fundraising

Name: ABC Fundraising (For American citizens only)

Website: https://www.abcfundraising.com/

Price to Join:

Gold Package – $367 join up (Best value)

Silver Package – $495 join up

Bronze Package – $630 join up – this can also be paid in monthly instalments of $105.

Owners: Jamie Speirs

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Check out the ABC website and leave your email. An information package will be sent to you. Remember you can also request to book a time for a webinar which will give you a great look at how it all works.

If you are still not happy with this online job, you can join up for free with my number 1 recommendation  Wealthy Affiliates to be an online entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and if you have any questions please send me a message and I will help ASAP.

Cheers from Coucka



Paid Viewpoint online review

Paid Viewpoint, Product Overview

Paid Viewpoint is an online opportunity for you to give your opinions on products in a fun way. AYTM or (Ask Your Target Market) is the company that manages these surveys. However, Paid Viewpoint wants to make your experience engaging, to do this, they claim you will want to come and do surveys for them by:

  • Paying cash into your PayPal account within 72 hours of completing the survey once your accumulated amount is over $15. They do not pay in gift vouchers.
  • You will never be bumped out of a survey once you have been invited.
  • They take the boring out answering surveys by making them quick and fun with videos and other interesting gimmicks.
  • They respect your privacy and they will not sell your personal information to anyone

Your participation: You will answer surveys for money, not for vouchers

Website: https://paidviewpoint.com/

Price: Nothing to join

Owners: Umongous Inc. owns aytm.com which operates Paid Viewpoint

Overall Rank: 50 / 100

Check out the video for more information.

Most survey companies will want to pay you with vouchers that you may never use, or cash vouchers that may expire before you can redeem them. At Paid Viewpoint you will be asked to register either through social media or email and password.

When you invite a friend to join PV (Paid Viewpoint) or use your unique referral code on the Web to invite other people to join PV you can earn up to $25 for every new member that joins up and every time they cash out you can earn 20% of their Biz Survey Reward.

Once you have 100+ friends active in the community you can apply for “VIP community builder” and collect an additional 20% and you will be able to see the following information about the individual who accepted your invitation: their avatar, username, status and earnings. They will be able to see your username. This information will appear in the “Friends Connection” section of a user’s account.

There is a section called Trait Score and your aim is to get 9000 or better. This will place you in the top 10% of the Paid Viewpoint members, which means you will earn more for each answer you submit.

You will be given one or two surveys when you first start and it seems you to need to wait for another survey offer.


The Good:

PRO #1 You will be paid for every action you take. For example, I was paid 5 cents for every question I answered just to register.

PRO #2 You can invite people to join through either an affiliate link such as this one which is mine http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=p0ebe and you will be paid up to $25 for every one you join up plus 20% of their earnings. So the more you promote the more you earn. They have a number of different ways for you to recruit if you are not comfortable with links.

The Bad:

CON #1  When you finally rack up enough dollars to withdraw your cash you have to call the company which then verifies your phone number as well as checking you’ve only created one PayPal account. I don’t know about you, but I am not happy about giving my phone number even though they make it clear they will never use or share your number. I have heard that before and then somehow magically got put on a subscribers list and then I was constantly spammed… My verdict is out on the honesty of that one. Also, if you do not live in the same country your phone bill may cancel out any profit you make.

CON #2  You will not make money in a hurry if you are only offered one or two surveys a day. It seems to be more about joining other people up. Still, it is fun and quick and will only take 10 minutes or so out of your day.

CON #3  I have gone online to do a Google a business review on Paid Viewpoint and the people who have participated with this company in the past. Many people claimed they were not paid for referring friends. One gentleman called Brian said he had been working on Paid Viewpoint on and off for two years and made a grand total of $72.72 which he calculated out to be $6.06 per hour spent. WOW! that is less than minimum wage.  🙁

I don’t know about you but if I was relying on extra money to pay the rent, this job will not help. I think it is more of a hobby than a job.

Who is Paid Viewpoint For?

If you are a stay at home mother or a retiree then this will not take a lot of time out of your day. It will easily fit in with your schedule, you just need to check in daily to see if they have any new survey’s to participate in. The longest survey I did was 10 questions, easy peesy.

My Final Opinion of Paid Viewpoint

I don’t think this will generate anything more than pocket money if that. If you really need extra cash to help pay the bills then I would give Paid Viewpoint a miss and perhaps consider online blogging with Wealthy Affiliates.

Paid Viewpoint at a Glance…

Name: Paid Viewpoint

Website: https://paidviewpoint.com/

Owners: Umongous Inc. owns aytm.com which operates Paid Viewpoint

Price: Zero to join in fact they will pay you. (But you may never earn $15 to be able to redeem it)

Overall Scam Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT but not worth your time. There are much better ways of earning a living online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.


Cheers Coucka



How to work from home and earn money proofreading. This profession will allow you to work when you want, where you want, for as many hours as you want. So, if you are a stay at home mother, or if you are retired looking for a little extra cash then here it is

How to Become a Proofreader

Caitlin Pyle proofreader

“Caitlin Pyle” has been earning money as a proofreader since 2007. In 2012, she earned a full-time income, earning upwards of $45+. She now teaches others how to start their own proofreading business from home.

If you’re interested in learning more. Caitlin has two free intro-courses, a 45-minute webinar and a 7-Day Course. Find both below.

Caitlin started proofreading back in college while she was a communication major, she studied abroad in Germany and students that would ask her to help them proofread their essays. Then she started working for a court reporting agency after she graduated, court reporters asked her to look over their transcripts to make sure they were free of grammar errors. As she kept doing it, she realized she could actually make a full-time income proofreading… and she has not looked back.

Caitlin is partial to proofreading transcripts for court reporters and states that it is so important to find a niche to proofread in. If you learn to specialize in one area of proofreading, it’s easier to market yourself — and easier to make more money. Even though she started proofreading for college students, when she got to work with transcripts, she realized she had found an area she really liked and could do well in. So she focused all her energy on transcripts.

When you’re starting your proofreading career, it doesn’t hurt to try proofreading anything and everything as you’re practising your skills and seeing what you enjoy the most. But once you find your niche, really learn how to hone your skills to that particular subject.

  • Are you interested in medical writings? Learn medical terminology.
  • Want to proofread for financial bloggers? Study financial lingo. You get the idea!
  • Typically, a niche you want to focus on will be one you already know something about, so it’s much easier (and more enjoyable) to study.

How did she get her first client?

She got her first consistent clients while she was working for the court reporting agency. She kept those clients on as she got started on my own proofreading business in 2012. Her proofreading business kept growing from there — so much so that she could make a full-time income working anywhere she wanted.

What type of inherent skills do successful proof-readers need?

  • You need to have a natural knack for spotting grammar errors and typos. Not that you can’t learn all those nerdy grammar rules! But it makes it so much easier to get into proofreading if you can naturally spot errors (and have that irresistible urge to correct them).
  • You must be attentive! Proofreading is all about focusing on details. If you’re a skimmer or if “the little things” just don’t bother you, chances are, you are going to have a hard time forcing yourself to notice errors as you’re reading through your project.
  • Another skill that’s a must is being willing to do your own research. If you focus on one particular niche of proofreading (like transcript proofreading!) and you study for it, you’re still going to run across topics you’re just not very familiar with. Instead of sending it back to your client saying you didn’t understand what a word meant or how to spell something, you will need to do your own research. Google will be your best friend, along with finding a supportive group to help you out. One awesome perk of both my proofreading courses is the private student and graduate Facebook groups, where proof-readers can ask questions and get advice (students often say it’s their favourite part of the course!).

What is there to learn in your free 7-day intro course?

Caitlin – My free 7-day intro course is all about finding out if transcript proofreading is a good fit for you! I cover the most common questions (and struggles!) you will face as you build your proofreading business. I’ll go into how much money you can make as a proofreader, mistakes new proofreaders should avoid, and some proven marketing tips for your new business.

Even if you aren’t a good fit for transcript proofreading, in particular, you could still make an awesome proof-reader — and I’ll be upfront and tell you too! I’d hate for you to get into a freelance career you aren’t happy with. There are plenty of proofreading topics to focus on, and I’m here to help you get started!

Caitlin currently has two free intro-courses, one 45-minute webinar and a 7-Day Course. Find both below.

Thanks to Caitlin Pyle for sharing this!

Does proofreading sound like a job you’d like? Take the next step by signing up for Caitlin’s free seven-day mini-course.

Caitlin also has her own website called www.caitlinpyle.co/hero if you are seriously interested in investigating this option and becoming a work at home hero.

Source – https://www.thewaystowealth.com

Coucka’s conclusion

I have worked at home as a Medical Transcriptionist and I can honestly say the money in Transcribing unbelievably bad. For all the training I did in pharmacology, medical terminology, body systems and transcription industry standards, you would think I would be able to earn more than someone that serves hamburgers at McDonald’s. Sadly you would be wrong. I was averaging between $3 and $4 an hour. (Makes me cranky thinking about it)

Proofreading does seem to be more lucrative and much less frustrating. I intend to look into the 7-day email course to see if it is possible to do Medical proofreading. I spent all those years learning Greek and Latin medical terminology not to mention editing and grammar, it would be a shame to waste it.

I hope this look into Caitlin’s life as a proofreader is something you can relate to. I certainly can.

Cheers for now Coucka







If you are looking for some extra income there are literally hundreds of websites posting work for transcriptionists or for someone to do small computer jobs. Working online from home is going to be the way of the future, so embrace the idea and think about what you would like to do for a living and see if FIVERR can accommodate you.


Okay, FIVERR is a company that outsources small jobs for business people who are on a tight budget. They seem to do the job of finding your customers in the most efficient way possible. Customers will connect with Fiverr and make a request under the following categories.

  • Logo design – If you click on the above image it will take you to a sample page of the kinds of professional logos you can expect.
  • Writing & translation
  • Music
  • Audio
  • Video & animation
  • Graphics & design
  • Digital marketing
  • Fun and lifestyle.

There are subcategories and literally thousands of online jobs you can do. If you just look at the banner I produced at the top of the page. This shows you only two jobs that people have chosen for themselves. You can literally start a business from home just with this one website.

You can charge for your service from $5 up to $10K by offering your clients three option packages.

    • Basic Package let say for $5 to $10
    • Intermediate Package for $15 to $45
    • An Ultimate Package for $50 to ??? whatever you want.

Things to be aware of

FIVERR will take 20% of the money you earn as they are providing you a service by connecting you with clients, so be aware and factor that expense into your pricing. Remember you also will have to pay tax too so add in that percentage also.

Example – you might want $15 to write a 300-word article for a magazine. Add on 20% for FIVERR which will make it $18 then let’s say the tax is 10%, so add on another $1.80, so the cost for your GIG would be $19.80 for you to write your 300-word article.

A typical request from a client can be for something like an e-cover book design for an affiliate, or you might be asked to do some blog content writing, or you might decide to go online and hit like buttons on certain Facebook or Pinterest pages for a client. Maybe even design a logo. There are literally hundreds of different jobs you can do.

For this blog, I will choose my interest and go through the process of offering my skills as a graphics designer to FIVERR at a price that is a little more realistic than $5.

The information you will need to provide

The first step is to:

  • Log onto https://www.fiverr.com/login click the green join button at the top right-hand corner, then enter your best email address, one that you check regularly.
  • Choose a Username – I would choose Coucka
  • Choose a Password – 8 characters or longer, with upper and lower case letters and numbers. Then hit JOIN. (Remember to keep a copy of this information in case you forget it.)
  • In the menu bar at the top click on “Become A Seller”
  • Fill out the profile page and give as much detail as you can for the type of job you would be interested in doing and how many hours a week you will work.
  • FIVERR will want your social contact details as well to verify you are legitimate.
  • Spend some time looking at the categories and subcategories to see what a good fit is for you.
  • Think about the kinds of jobs you could do quickly for five or ten dollars.
  • Once you know what you want to do for clients, then you can fill out the next document asking you what services you will provide. FIVERR likes to call it your GIG.
  • Then you will need to fill out your GIG Package, there is a 5-minute video tutorial showing you exactly the kind of information needed for a preformatted package. So you will need to spend a half hour, or so, filling out that form.
  • Don’t undersell your services. I will be offering a Basic Package for $10, A Professional Package for $25 and An Ultimate Package for $50. If the client wants your product or service urgently then I would add a surcharge of $10? (that price would be up to you)
  • FIVERR then asks me to set up a GIG gallery of three examples of logos and E-covers that are typical of what I will produce for my customers. They also offer to host a 75-second video of your GIG offering. I think this is optional, but it can increase your offers from clients by 40% (apparently). Below is one design I mocked up for Fiverr.

If the job description is vague and the client doesn’t really know what he wants, then that can be a problem. So ask for a lot of details like preferred colours, the exact text needed for the title and subtext etc. This will save you re-editing and in your packages let the clients know how many redo’s you will allow before the price goes up.

If you do go into graphics and do not have the software, you can use a free online app. I found a really easy to use app called SNAPPA  https://snappa.com .  You can log in and start designing with a limited pallet for free if you like using the app and want more features and unlimited templates then it is $120 for the year.

Here is a video showing you how easy Snappa is to use it lasts around 10 minutes. But this is a fantastic tool for you to create your own graphics and add them to your website if you want to.

Snappa Video

Spend as much time as you need to think your packages through. Your skills are valuable and you have bills to pay so be realistic. Check out their example pages in your area of expertise which will help you.

Remember when you first start out, be available and consistent.

You can create one GIG see how you go with it and if you are doing well and want to do more you can create a second GIG perhaps trying something new that you enjoy.

It will not take long before clients will come back looking for you. You can make this a part-time job for a little extra pocket money, or this could be a full-time job depending on your level of interest.

Perhaps, like the man above, you too might like to be playing pranks. This can be a fun way to earn money online.

Remember it is called FIVERR https://www.fiverr.com and this company just may set you free from you’re your annoying boss and less than thrilling current occupation. The good thing is you can try it for a few months before you jump in full time.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog. I will be showing you other ways to make money online. So if you are interested you can leave your email in the box at the top of the page and I will send you out other blog posts.

Also, remember that affiliate marketing is a long-term business to set up. Wealthy affiliates is the smart choice to join with. It is free to join and you can try before you buy. There is nowhere else that will give you two free websites, 10 free lessons and a community of thousands to help support you when you are down or stuck. Click Wealthy Affiliate if you want to want to learn how to generate passive income.

If you choose otherwise, then FIVERR is an option to look at. Click the image below.

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you ASAP.