When you first start affiliate marketing there is so much to learn and it is hard to know where to start first. Creating an email list or a subscribers list should be a top priority.

Any money you make will come from your subscribers, or in other words your email list. That is where the money is, so start making and finding gifts and great content for your readers.

Here is an easy formula to gather your followers.

1st – Find or create an email list free “give-away”

You can create your own products or something that you have downloaded that suits your niche and you can get the give-away rights to. There are free products at this link Free PDF s the company name is IDplr.com and I am sure you will find something here that will suit your niche.

Just make sure that you have the legal right to use any of these products to build your list. Every download contains a License Rights PDF file and it’s very important that you do not infringe any copyright laws.

You may find a PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook which you can rewrite in your own words and style and create your own eBook to give away. Microsoft Word can convert your document into a PDF, and many of the Resell Rights licenses allow you to use the product.

The other option is to use content from two or three of your best or most popular blogs and use a program like Designerr to quickly turn your URL pages into a professional Ebook with all of your own content. This helps to brand you as well, because you are not using the usual give-aways that are the same as everyone else. You can also post your ebook in places like SlideShare to increase your audience.

Whatever you choose as a give-away it should be related to your niche market and something that will entice people to sign up to receive it. It also must give tremendous value to your potential customers or they won’t be receptive to any of your future offers, so make it amazing! Make it beautiful and make it a reflection of you.

2nd – Create a “Thank you” page

To thank your subscribers for signing up. Your page might look something like this. It does not have to be fussy but people take in visuals much better than the written word so use pictures to show how grateful you are for their interest.

3rd – Create a “Download” page

Obviously, a download page is essential for your subscribers to download their free gift. Don’t use “thank-you” in the permalink as people will guess and bypass the sign-up process. Make sure that your “Thank you” page does not appear in any menu. You want only your subscribers to see this.

This page should not be SEO friendly because you don’t want the search engines to find it. So don’t add tags and use your SEO plugin to make the page “noindex” and “nofollow”.

4th – Install an ‘Easy Sign Up’ plugin,

Tweak the settings and add the widget and then promote your free gift on your website, YouTube, Pinterest and all the social media you are affiliated with. Re post this regularly at least once a day on all social media.

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE until it hurts. 😉

In your posts really think about the things you want to know about in your niche, and blog about those topics. If your readers are looking for information like you are, they will be grateful and they will come back looking for more great content. So as you learn something new, re-invent it in your style and pass it on. We are all heading in the same direction, and we all appreciate good advice.

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Stay awesome and I will talk to you soon.

😉  Coucka