How does YouTube make money?

How does YouTube make money?  – Simple, YouTube will generate likes and subscribers which will bring traffic to your website. You will probably hear many times people telling you “The money is in your list” they mean your list of subscribers and the quickest way to generate a list is on YouTube.

Once you are established on YouTube as a regular affiliate who posts weekly, or daily (Even better) you will eventually get an email from YouTube saying that YouTube would like you to join their Partnership program.

This means YouTube will allow you to put Google Adsense on the pages where you’ve got your videos on YouTube, and if anyone clicks on those ads… You get a commission!

Okay granted, it is not a lot, in fact, it’s can be anything from 1 cent to a couple of dollars per click but that doesn’t matter because over time those pennies add up as your presence on YouTube grows. When you have a hundred videos uploaded that are again, getting thousands of views every single day! As you can see, this adds up to be a pretty tidy sum that builds up nicely in your Google Adsense account.

The point is money can come in from many sources not just your website and every little bit helps.

Most viewers will not be bothered about the ads popping up before the video. They can click them off if they choose, but most people usually sit through a 10 to 15-second add unless they have seen it before. I would recommend starting to make as many videos as you can and upload them to YouTube. Over time, the views will come and as result… So will the invitation to join the YouTube Adsense Partnership program.

YouTube is also an awesome way to brand yourself as an authority in your niche. Over time you will be an authority from the hundreds of hours spent writing and researching for your blog. The best thing about YouTube is the traffic you get is 100% free and it’s totally “set & forget”.

Yes, there is a LOT of competition, but there are ways to boost your rankings and you can also add links to drive viewers to your web page. You can also load your YouTube video on your website too. Click on the video link below it will take you to a Video which will explain how you can use your competition to your advantage by seeing who ranks highest in your niche. Keyword research is essential to dominating YouTube, so rather than reinventing the wheel, you should look at the people who are doing it best and copy them. Literally.


  • Copy the Tile
  • Copy the Description
  • Copy all the tags
  • Copy the Channel name into the tags section
  • Put your channel name in all of your video’s and add all of this to your competing video

This will rank you very high in the suggested videos section which is hit regularly.

You know what we all want when it comes to traffic generation? Fast results, so here is a method to get lots of traffic. Hit the Video link below to watch the video hosted by James Scholes.

  • First up, it’s 100% FREE to implement.
  • Brain-numbingly EASY to do – no previous experience required.
  • Brings in lightning FAST results.
  • Copy down all keywords that get the most searches in a month. Three or five words is best
  • Click on review plan
  • Go to keywords stage
  • Go to match types – exact match – yes grab the ones with the most searches
  • Keyword + your topic, long-tailed, high volume traffic
  • Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video  Online Character Count  and  Google Keyword Planner

If you have Jaxxy you can use that too. But resist the temptation for low hanging fruit. Go for keys word with huge traffic and 4 to 5 words long.

Once you have your primary and secondary keywords then you need to create a YouTube video title

Using the online character count as you cannot have any more than 100 characters in your YouTube video. Try to use all 100 characters to increase your chance of ranking with your primary and secondary keywords.

YouTube ranks from top to bottom in order in their suggested videos list.

Once you have your title upload your video using your new title.

Then add your primary keywords in front of your secondary keywords then put them in your tag section. (This increases your ranking on YouTube)

Then fill in the description and put in a plug to your website then put the title of the video and description.

And don’t forget to ask your viewers to like and subscribe at the end of the description

(DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF THE DESCRIPTION BOX) This is a NO NO and you can get banned from YouTube for doing this.

Upload your video with its new researched keyword rich title.

This will generate likes and subscribes which will bring traffic to your website.

After 2 days your ranks will begin to slip. You can post a new video once a week but every day is optimum.

So don’t worry if you’re noobie at internet marketing… This will work for you, and before you know it you will have a great list.

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