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Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is an accelerated Affiliate Program by James Scholes.

James is based in the United Kingdom and he definitely gives value. He has a wealth of online business experience and James is prepared to back up his teaching method by being available to you by email to answer your questions. He will usually get back to you within an hour if you have questions. But you need to understand that he is probably on a different timeline and sometimes he goes to bed. So he has a robot that will leave you a message letting you know he will get back to you.  There are many affiliate program in the world and they are all going to approach selling in a different way. We new affiliates need to look at people that are successful in their field and emulate them.

I do believe this is NOT a scam, as James gives you masses of free information and he makes himself available to help you with any issues you may have. Starting out as a new Affiliate is a bit scary as there is so much to learn. I have personally gone through all of James free training and I have learned so much.

James is a very direct, no BS Englishman and he sets out his training in a very black and white method. He gets results and so have I since I began to implement some of his teachings. I am starting to get a lot of traffic outside of Wealthy Affiliate. All of these Evergreen Wealth Formula Pages will give you free training and James is always putting out great content all the time. There is an option to join up for the Evergreen – How to Make $500 in $5 days which take you to the next level of training where you can automate your income. I am in the process of doing this at the moment. Because I am an old lady, it is taking me a little longer as I am not the smartest cookie. But James has never failed to answer my problems and give me easy solutions to fix any techy hitches. I have to say I am impressed and I am using this information in conjunction with WA classes.

There are many affiliate programs in the world and they are all going to approach selling in a different way.  So if you are interested in accelerating your business so that it starts pulling in money quickly. Give these pages a look. You have nothing to lose except your time, and you have everything to gain.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box.

Cheers from Coucka


Coucka Couchman

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