15 free resources to build your websites

All of us Newbies to the world of “Affiliate Marketing” need a good solid foundation for our business, which is our websites. Sometimes we just do not have the money to pay for the things that we need, so I have been doing a little research to see what resources are out there for free, or super cheap.

Here, I will show you what I have discovered on the internet, a veritable treasure trove of free resources that you can upgrade at a later date, once the money comes in.

So hold onto your hats, here they are and I hope you like them:


1. UNSPLASH – have beautiful, high-quality free images you can download and use for any project. No acknowledgment or fee is required. I use unsplash a lot; it helps if you have an idea of what sort of image you are looking for, otherwise you will be browsing for ages and it is easy to get diverted by beautiful images. Be clear about what you want and don’t get side-tracked.

2. PIXABAY – have photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos. No acknowledgment or fee is required. If you cannot find what you want on unsplash then pixabay should be your next stop.

3.  FREE DIGITAL PHOTOS   every image is free, with an option to buy larger images at reasonable prices. You can download free and premium stock photos and illustrations for websites, advertising materials, newspapers, magazines, eBooks, book covers and pages, music artwork, software applications and much more.

Remember some images with higher resolution will cost you money. Do not be tempted at this stage. You need to have your pages load quickly, so resist the temptation. Smaller images are fast loading on your website and will increase your standing with Google, and you will be rewarded with higher rankings.

4. GETTY IMAGES  Has royalty free images and also has a range of high-quality images at a price.

5. PEXELS  is another great website for free images. I have used this site a few times as well.


6. IDplr.com is an AMAZING company that has a FREE member’s area for 500 products for which you will have the resell rights. These products can be eBooks, Software and Scripts, Videos, Articles and Graphics. I love, love, LOVE free stuff!

Check to see if the product you want for your niche has the give-away rights. Some products are limited in what you can do with them. It is good to look around and see what stock they have that suits your niche.

There is a GOLD members section if you see something that you must have the rights for, but it’s not in the free section. You may decide to make your eBook as a PDF to give away; the only investment would be your time. But time is valuable, so this website is a great idea and a huge time saver. If you are interested in giving gifts to your subscribers, then IDplr is the site for you.


7. CANVA is amazing for designing Pins or anything else for social media. You can use their graphics package for free. They have premade designs where you can just change the text to suit your website. Some of the designs are not free but there are enough of both for you to enjoy. The graphics are for all social media, so they have figured out the size and shape depending on if you want it for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or anything else. I download files as .png and the quality is excellent. After spending only 2 hours, I knocked out 12 designs for my Pinterest Boards… Awesome!

SNAPPA  I have to admit I loved the software that Snappa had to offer and their video tutorial showed just how quick and easy it is to smash out quality graphics. The down-side is if you want to save your work, you have to pay for the up-grade $120 for the year. I have Photoshop and Adobe Painter, so I don’t need Snappa, but as a graphics package, I have to say I was impressed. Snappa has a vast image base for you to design your logos or whatever your need.

Once my website is financially working, I would seriously consider this package because the templates are all set out for social media, and it would be a massive time saver. The upside is you can still do the design at snappa and then take a screenshot of your work. It will not be high resolution, but if you are on a shoe-string, it will do.

8. PEBBLED  This website claims that Pebbled is better than Snappa, and they offer for you to try them free for 15 days. They say they are the only design and web development company you will ever need. I guess if you are organised, and know what kind of logos and graphics you need; you have two weeks to bash it all out before the door slams in your face. Just make sure to make backups of your files before the 15 days is up.
I invite you to check them out for yourself. Personally, I am hooked on Snappa.


9. FIVERR– I wrote a blog on Fiverr, and this is a service that I will be looking at in the future once I get to the stage where I am building my funnel and building out my subscribers list.  Fiverr can supply you with cheap labour for just about anything. Some people will write you a blog for $5. I don’t know if it will be a quality blog, but I take a whole day to write a single blog so even if you have to edit it still saves time.  I use Grammarly to edit my work before I cut and paste into the WA editing page. The reason I do a double edit is Grammarly, and the WA programs look at different aspects of Grammar and spelling. I think Grammarly is a better program for non-US English. Check out my Fiverr blog here if you are interested. Click Here


10. SLIDESHARE is a community for sharing your eBook to increase your audience base. Eventually, you will be producing your own eBooks, I know you don’t think so but the way of the future is YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and eBooks. Slide share will broaden your audience and bring them to your website, which is where you need them. Keep SlideShare in mind.

11. QUORA– Is another community for sharing information, and if you can answer questions in your niche, it is a great place to draw people to your website for the information they are looking for and a great chance for getting more subscribers.

I just signed up and got my first follower after an hour. That’s pretty cool.



12. BUZZSUMO  this is a website by Joe Pulizzi, and it is geared towards Influencer marketing. http://buzzsumo.com/knowledge/buzzsumo-api/ will take you to their latest knowledge base for posts. There is some fascinating reading there.

13. OKDORK –  Noah Kagan has some resources that you can look at on his website. They say knowledge is power, so when you have finished digesting everything Wealthy Affiliates has to offer, you can check out other viewpoints and their resources.

Noah has a page with his favourite Tools,

  • 3 favourite Videos
  • 3 favourite Podcast Episodes
  • 3 Favourite Guides all of these are related to affiliate marketing.

14.  SMASHWORDS  is free to join, and it can help you to publish your eBook, it also has free eBooks for you to download in every niche. I am not sure if you get the rights to give the free eBooks away on your site, but that would be easy enough to find out. They have books on every subject so there might be something to can find for yourself to help give you ideas for your niche. Check it out – it looks pretty cool.

15.  SNIPLY – I use the free version of sniply all the time to post my blogs on social media. It is fun, fun, fun and you can save your sniply shortcodes to a data file for when you want to repost old material to keep it in the public’s eye. There is an upgrade, but you can wait for that when you have money in the bank.


So that is it for this blog. I hope you find something in this list you can use for your websites. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Bye for now Coucka  



How to write headlines that go viral

Source- An article was written on okdork.com/viral and Buzzsumo about typical Headlines and content that usually goes viral. There are 6 Headline types that are consistent with public interest and you should be aware of these when you are writing your blogs.

  • Threat Headlines

An example of threat headline could be.

“7 WARNING SIGNS YOUR CHILD IS TAKING DRUGS” Our family and friends are precious to us, so shock and threats to friends and families will naturally focus attention. These kinds of headlines are the ultimate attention grabbers.

  • Zen Headlines

These headlines have been used for centuries by religious orders to teach patience in this life by offering a promise of a better life in the next world. Sometimes they even offer a better life in this life, by following their faith. It is a tried and true headline which captures people’s imagination.

  • Piggyback Headlines

Who is famous in your niche? Think about the influencers that have made it big in your industry, look at what they are talking about and name-drop. For instance Jason Stone is a multimillionaire affiliate who built his career on Instagram. Anything he says publicly is gold at the moment. So quoting him will get attention in my niche.

  • Mistake Headlines

An example of this kind of headline would be


You get the picture. Any of these headlines can be changed and used for any niche.

  • How to Headlines

These headlines are so popular because they summarise quick easy step by step methods of achieving a goal.

  • List Headlines

I left the best for last because who does not love a list headline? Example


When you combine these kinds of headlines with the following kinds of content then you are sitting on gold, as long as you can push your content through social media and get it out to your subscribers’ list.

Content that goes viral

People make emotional decisions because they are motivated by primeval instincts to protect loved ones or to give them a better life. It is this type of writing you need to tap into make you stand out from the crowd. There are also 7 Types of posts that can go viral.

Okay, I know you are getting excited now so here they are.

  • Long posts over 2000 words

    (I can hear you groaning in dismay) 🙂

Most long viral posts have rich keyword content. They are picked up by the search engines and given priority especially when they are connected with emotional content such as the Threat and Zen headlines.

  • Posts with images

Nearly everyone reacts positively to visual images, it is your choice of image that will make the difference.

Some people’s pets have gone viral online because they are cute, adorable because they are kicking up our dopamine levels secreted by our visual cortex. The end result, we feel happy and we want to stay and engage further with these cats and dogs.

You need to bring that kind of feeling to your readers by giving them visual content that makes them happy or sad. Any emotion good or bad attracts and holds attention.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so if you can use visuals to illustrate your point, you have saved yourself a lot of typing.

  • Posts with Awe, Laughter and Amusement

This is fairly self-explanatory and it is an expansion of the posts with images. Illustrations with any of these elements will tickle funny bones. Shock people into action, or just make them laugh out loud. Whichever element you use to grab attention you have succeeded when they join your subscribers’ list because they want more of the same. So give it to them and have them coming back again and again and again.

  • Lists and Infographics

Post with lists and infographics add an element of credibility to your posts. If you have a graph which shows how an action can increase sales, then, of course, the reader will be more interested and will keep reading even if the topic is dry and boring. That is because Infographics are a proof element and highly desirable on a subconscious level.

  • Posts with 10 items in the list

These kinds of posts are gold and have been used for so long now, who knows when they started, but they are still popular. So keep it in mind.

  • Posts that build trust

The first thing that Wealthy Affiliate will do is to ask you to write a Bio about yourself and add a photo. This is because you are the avatar of your website when people can see you and know a little about your life, they will believe that you are open and transparent, and over time they will begin to trust you.

You MUST keep the faith with your readers and build on that trust because they will come to you and will want your advice. It is your job to do the best you can for them and if they want to know something you don’t know. Find out and get back to them, or refer them to someone with expertise in that area.

Your clients will remember that you went the extra mile for them and trust will grow.

  • Influencers

I have saved the best for last.

This subject I will go into depth, on another blog as it is very important because it is something you to need to aspire to.

Influencers are people like Oprah and Ellen who look for and find the best guests to present relevant information on their shows. Obviously, the audience loves the guest, but they love the presenter even more. Oprah is the Queen of Influence and she has master the art of it.

I can hear you saying “Yeah but how does that relate to me?”

Well on your website you are Oprah and you will be presenting curated information which over time will make you an influencer too.


Well that’s is it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and you can apply this information to your website. My next post is going to be a list of free resources to build your websites. So please come back and visit, or click on the newsletter and leave your email.

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear how you are going and I am here to help.

Peace and Love Coucka 




event calander

Planning and finding the goal of your website

The best way to plan is to think about what it is you want?

  • Personally, I want to make money online.
  • I want to know what jobs are available and if I can work online from home successfully.
  • I also want to know how to make passive income, which means building a website to the point that it makes money come in on its own, even when I stop working.

So FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) are the best subjects for you to start blogging on.

To begin, please write down your own questions that relate to your niche.

This list will give you all the subject matter you want for blogging. The next step is to hunt down the answers to your questions and offer them up to your readers in a simple step by step method.

More blog examples from my niche would be:

  • How do I find a job online?
  • What kinds of jobs are profitable?
  • How do I create passive income?
  • Where do I find support for building my business website….etc

The list is literally endless. You can blog on all kinds of subjects and I have found the more I learn, the more I discover that the horizon of questions only grows and does not diminish. I will be blogging until the end of my days and be learning at the same time… which is pretty awesome  😉

1. So the GOAL of my website is to:

“Find relevant information for my niche website and give this info to my readers. Then connect them to the affiliate programs that will assist them in their journey”.

Wealthy affiliate community

2. The PLAN

My plan is to get a scheduling calendar and make a time commitment every day for the tasks I need to do. Let’s say I have three hours a day to work on my website from 2 pm to 5 pm. I would break jobs down in order of priority.

  • 2 pm to 2.30 pm – check emails and answer them. Re-post my latest blogs on all social media accounts, and any other blogs of friends that I like that are relevant to my niche.
  • 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm – Work on my next blog topic.
  • 4.30 pm to 5 pm – Do some training, or make a plan for the next day’s work.

I would then put the events calendar on the wall so I can refer to it all the time, to remind me of my GOAL and what it is I want to achieve. I have found it is much easier to stay on track by setting up this little work method, it is a constant reminder and stops me from wandering off the path and being distracted by everything the internet has to offer. I used to get distracted ALL the time. Now not so much because I have a plan… To to achieve finical freedom and so do you, otherwise, you would not be here reading this blog.

As a community at Wealthy Affiliates, we know there is room in the world to help each other out. The online market is growing with over a billion buyers worldwide, there is more than enough room in every niche for each of us to make an income.

As an affiliate network, we would be crazy not to help each other out. Paying your knowledge and expertise forward is the sane thing to do.

For me personally, knowing I can rely on a community of thousands to help me out is reassuring, and probably one of the nicest things I have heard of for years.

So keep it simple and pass it on, rewards will eventually come your way.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box and I will reply ASAP.

Stay awesome.  Coucka




When you first start affiliate marketing there is so much to learn and it is hard to know where to start first. Creating an email list or a subscribers list should be a top priority.

Any money you make will come from your subscribers, or in other words your email list. That is where the money is, so start making and finding gifts and great content for your readers.

Here is an easy formula to gather your followers.

1st – Find or create an email list free “give-away”

You can create your own products or something that you have downloaded that suits your niche and you can get the give-away rights to. There are free products at this link Free PDF s the company name is IDplr.com and I am sure you will find something here that will suit your niche.

Just make sure that you have the legal right to use any of these products to build your list. Every download contains a License Rights PDF file and it’s very important that you do not infringe any copyright laws.

You may find a PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook which you can rewrite in your own words and style and create your own eBook to give away. Microsoft Word can convert your document into a PDF, and many of the Resell Rights licenses allow you to use the product.

The other option is to use content from two or three of your best or most popular blogs and use a program like Designerr to quickly turn your URL pages into a professional Ebook with all of your own content. This helps to brand you as well, because you are not using the usual give-aways that are the same as everyone else. You can also post your ebook in places like SlideShare to increase your audience.

Whatever you choose as a give-away it should be related to your niche market and something that will entice people to sign up to receive it. It also must give tremendous value to your potential customers or they won’t be receptive to any of your future offers, so make it amazing! Make it beautiful and make it a reflection of you.

2nd – Create a “Thank you” page

To thank your subscribers for signing up. Your page might look something like this. It does not have to be fussy but people take in visuals much better than the written word so use pictures to show how grateful you are for their interest.

3rd – Create a “Download” page

Obviously, a download page is essential for your subscribers to download their free gift. Don’t use “thank-you” in the permalink as people will guess and bypass the sign-up process. Make sure that your “Thank you” page does not appear in any menu. You want only your subscribers to see this.

This page should not be SEO friendly because you don’t want the search engines to find it. So don’t add tags and use your SEO plugin to make the page “noindex” and “nofollow”.

4th – Install an ‘Easy Sign Up’ plugin,

Tweak the settings and add the widget and then promote your free gift on your website, YouTube, Pinterest and all the social media you are affiliated with. Re post this regularly at least once a day on all social media.

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE until it hurts. 😉

In your posts really think about the things you want to know about in your niche, and blog about those topics. If your readers are looking for information like you are, they will be grateful and they will come back looking for more great content. So as you learn something new, re-invent it in your style and pass it on. We are all heading in the same direction, and we all appreciate good advice.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments box. If you would like to be my subscriber please leave your email in the box at the top of the page.

I am presently working on my free Ebook (Which has ooogles of content) and I will have a pop up page to sign up for that and it will be called ” 10 TOOLS TO HELP YOUR WEBSITE GO VIRAL “

So if you have any questions please leave them in the comment box and I will answer them ASAP

Stay awesome and I will talk to you soon.

😉  Coucka





If you are looking for some extra income there are literally hundreds of websites posting work for transcriptionists or for someone to do small computer jobs. Working online from home is going to be the way of the future, so embrace the idea and think about what you would like to do for a living and see if FIVERR can accommodate you.


Okay, FIVERR is a company that outsources small jobs for business people who are on a tight budget. They seem to do the job of finding your customers in the most efficient way possible. Customers will connect with Fiverr and make a request under the following categories.

  • Logo design – If you click on the above image it will take you to a sample page of the kinds of professional logos you can expect.
  • Writing & translation
  • Music
  • Audio
  • Video & animation
  • Graphics & design
  • Digital marketing
  • Fun and lifestyle.

There are subcategories and literally thousands of online jobs you can do. If you just look at the banner I produced at the top of the page. This shows you only two jobs that people have chosen for themselves. You can literally start a business from home just with this one website.

You can charge for your service from $5 up to $10K by offering your clients three option packages.

    • Basic Package let say for $5 to $10
    • Intermediate Package for $15 to $45
    • An Ultimate Package for $50 to ??? whatever you want.

Things to be aware of

FIVERR will take 20% of the money you earn as they are providing you a service by connecting you with clients, so be aware and factor that expense into your pricing. Remember you also will have to pay tax too so add in that percentage also.

Example – you might want $15 to write a 300-word article for a magazine. Add on 20% for FIVERR which will make it $18 then let’s say the tax is 10%, so add on another $1.80, so the cost for your GIG would be $19.80 for you to write your 300-word article.

A typical request from a client can be for something like an e-cover book design for an affiliate, or you might be asked to do some blog content writing, or you might decide to go online and hit like buttons on certain Facebook or Pinterest pages for a client. Maybe even design a logo. There are literally hundreds of different jobs you can do.

For this blog, I will choose my interest and go through the process of offering my skills as a graphics designer to FIVERR at a price that is a little more realistic than $5.

The information you will need to provide

The first step is to:

  • Log onto https://www.fiverr.com/login click the green join button at the top right-hand corner, then enter your best email address, one that you check regularly.
  • Choose a Username – I would choose Coucka
  • Choose a Password – 8 characters or longer, with upper and lower case letters and numbers. Then hit JOIN. (Remember to keep a copy of this information in case you forget it.)
  • In the menu bar at the top click on “Become A Seller”
  • Fill out the profile page and give as much detail as you can for the type of job you would be interested in doing and how many hours a week you will work.
  • FIVERR will want your social contact details as well to verify you are legitimate.
  • Spend some time looking at the categories and subcategories to see what a good fit is for you.
  • Think about the kinds of jobs you could do quickly for five or ten dollars.
  • Once you know what you want to do for clients, then you can fill out the next document asking you what services you will provide. FIVERR likes to call it your GIG.
  • Then you will need to fill out your GIG Package, there is a 5-minute video tutorial showing you exactly the kind of information needed for a preformatted package. So you will need to spend a half hour, or so, filling out that form.
  • Don’t undersell your services. I will be offering a Basic Package for $10, A Professional Package for $25 and An Ultimate Package for $50. If the client wants your product or service urgently then I would add a surcharge of $10? (that price would be up to you)
  • FIVERR then asks me to set up a GIG gallery of three examples of logos and E-covers that are typical of what I will produce for my customers. They also offer to host a 75-second video of your GIG offering. I think this is optional, but it can increase your offers from clients by 40% (apparently). Below is one design I mocked up for Fiverr.

If the job description is vague and the client doesn’t really know what he wants, then that can be a problem. So ask for a lot of details like preferred colours, the exact text needed for the title and subtext etc. This will save you re-editing and in your packages let the clients know how many redo’s you will allow before the price goes up.

If you do go into graphics and do not have the software, you can use a free online app. I found a really easy to use app called SNAPPA  https://snappa.com .  You can log in and start designing with a limited pallet for free if you like using the app and want more features and unlimited templates then it is $120 for the year.

Here is a video showing you how easy Snappa is to use it lasts around 10 minutes. But this is a fantastic tool for you to create your own graphics and add them to your website if you want to.

Snappa Video

Spend as much time as you need to think your packages through. Your skills are valuable and you have bills to pay so be realistic. Check out their example pages in your area of expertise which will help you.

Remember when you first start out, be available and consistent.

You can create one GIG see how you go with it and if you are doing well and want to do more you can create a second GIG perhaps trying something new that you enjoy.

It will not take long before clients will come back looking for you. You can make this a part-time job for a little extra pocket money, or this could be a full-time job depending on your level of interest.

Perhaps, like the man above, you too might like to be playing pranks. This can be a fun way to earn money online.

Remember it is called FIVERR https://www.fiverr.com and this company just may set you free from you’re your annoying boss and less than thrilling current occupation. The good thing is you can try it for a few months before you jump in full time.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog. I will be showing you other ways to make money online. So if you are interested you can leave your email in the box at the top of the page and I will send you out other blog posts.

Also, remember that affiliate marketing is a long-term business to set up. Wealthy affiliates is the smart choice to join with. It is free to join and you can try before you buy. There is nowhere else that will give you two free websites, 10 free lessons and a community of thousands to help support you when you are down or stuck. Click Wealthy Affiliate if you want to want to learn how to generate passive income.

If you choose otherwise, then FIVERR is an option to look at. Click the image below.

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you ASAP.





How does YouTube make money?

How does YouTube make money?  – Simple, YouTube will generate likes and subscribers which will bring traffic to your website. You will probably hear many times people telling you “The money is in your list” they mean your list of subscribers and the quickest way to generate a list is on YouTube.

Once you are established on YouTube as a regular affiliate who posts weekly, or daily (Even better) you will eventually get an email from YouTube saying that YouTube would like you to join their Partnership program.

This means YouTube will allow you to put Google Adsense on the pages where you’ve got your videos on YouTube, and if anyone clicks on those ads… You get a commission!

Okay granted, it is not a lot, in fact, it’s can be anything from 1 cent to a couple of dollars per click but that doesn’t matter because over time those pennies add up as your presence on YouTube grows. When you have a hundred videos uploaded that are again, getting thousands of views every single day! As you can see, this adds up to be a pretty tidy sum that builds up nicely in your Google Adsense account.

The point is money can come in from many sources not just your website and every little bit helps.

Most viewers will not be bothered about the ads popping up before the video. They can click them off if they choose, but most people usually sit through a 10 to 15-second add unless they have seen it before. I would recommend starting to make as many videos as you can and upload them to YouTube. Over time, the views will come and as result… So will the invitation to join the YouTube Adsense Partnership program.

YouTube is also an awesome way to brand yourself as an authority in your niche. Over time you will be an authority from the hundreds of hours spent writing and researching for your blog. The best thing about YouTube is the traffic you get is 100% free and it’s totally “set & forget”.

Yes, there is a LOT of competition, but there are ways to boost your rankings and you can also add links to drive viewers to your web page. You can also load your YouTube video on your website too. Click on the video link below it will take you to a Video which will explain how you can use your competition to your advantage by seeing who ranks highest in your niche. Keyword research is essential to dominating YouTube, so rather than reinventing the wheel, you should look at the people who are doing it best and copy them. Literally.


  • Copy the Tile
  • Copy the Description
  • Copy all the tags
  • Copy the Channel name into the tags section
  • Put your channel name in all of your video’s and add all of this to your competing video

This will rank you very high in the suggested videos section which is hit regularly.

You know what we all want when it comes to traffic generation? Fast results, so here is a method to get lots of traffic. Hit the Video link below to watch the video hosted by James Scholes.

  • First up, it’s 100% FREE to implement.
  • Brain-numbingly EASY to do – no previous experience required.
  • Brings in lightning FAST results.
  • Copy down all keywords that get the most searches in a month. Three or five words is best
  • Click on review plan
  • Go to keywords stage
  • Go to match types – exact match – yes grab the ones with the most searches
  • Keyword + your topic, long-tailed, high volume traffic
  • Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video  Online Character Count  and  Google Keyword Planner

If you have Jaxxy you can use that too. But resist the temptation for low hanging fruit. Go for keys word with huge traffic and 4 to 5 words long.

Once you have your primary and secondary keywords then you need to create a YouTube video title

Using the online character count as you cannot have any more than 100 characters in your YouTube video. Try to use all 100 characters to increase your chance of ranking with your primary and secondary keywords.

YouTube ranks from top to bottom in order in their suggested videos list.

Once you have your title upload your video using your new title.

Then add your primary keywords in front of your secondary keywords then put them in your tag section. (This increases your ranking on YouTube)

Then fill in the description and put in a plug to your website then put the title of the video and description.

And don’t forget to ask your viewers to like and subscribe at the end of the description

(DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF THE DESCRIPTION BOX) This is a NO NO and you can get banned from YouTube for doing this.

Upload your video with its new researched keyword rich title.

This will generate likes and subscribes which will bring traffic to your website.

After 2 days your ranks will begin to slip. You can post a new video once a week but every day is optimum.

So don’t worry if you’re noobie at internet marketing… This will work for you, and before you know it you will have a great list.

If you are interested in subscribing for more tips and tricks in internet marketing. Please leave your email and you will be posted great new training.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or queries.

Have a Happy Day! 😉 Coucka


Affiliate Marketing Classes​

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is an accelerated Affiliate Program by James Scholes.

James is based in the United Kingdom and he definitely gives value. He has a wealth of online business experience and James is prepared to back up his teaching method by being available to you by email to answer your questions. He will usually get back to you within an hour if you have questions. But you need to understand that he is probably on a different timeline and sometimes he goes to bed. So he has a robot that will leave you a message letting you know he will get back to you.  There are many affiliate program in the world and they are all going to approach selling in a different way. We new affiliates need to look at people that are successful in their field and emulate them.

I do believe this is NOT a scam, as James gives you masses of free information and he makes himself available to help you with any issues you may have. Starting out as a new Affiliate is a bit scary as there is so much to learn. I have personally gone through all of James free training and I have learned so much.

James is a very direct, no BS Englishman and he sets out his training in a very black and white method. He gets results and so have I since I began to implement some of his teachings. I am starting to get a lot of traffic outside of Wealthy Affiliate. All of these Evergreen Wealth Formula Pages will give you free training and James is always putting out great content all the time. There is an option to join up for the Evergreen – How to Make $500 in $5 days which take you to the next level of training where you can automate your income. I am in the process of doing this at the moment. Because I am an old lady, it is taking me a little longer as I am not the smartest cookie. But James has never failed to answer my problems and give me easy solutions to fix any techy hitches. I have to say I am impressed and I am using this information in conjunction with WA classes.

There are many affiliate programs in the world and they are all going to approach selling in a different way.  So if you are interested in accelerating your business so that it starts pulling in money quickly. Give these pages a look. You have nothing to lose except your time, and you have everything to gain.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box.

Cheers from Coucka



Affiliate Marketing Products

Wealth, Health and Relationships

There are 3 main subjects headings, “Wealth, Health and Relationships” and all three are trending as the best arenas for making an income. Within these topics, there will be hundreds of products that will convert well in terms of making a great income.


The first is “WEALTH” which appeals to everyone and it is a broad field. It should be easy to find some niche that you are passionate about within each of these topics.

Think about your life experience and what excites you so that you can blog about your passion. For wealth creation, you will need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online. A website is equivalent to the foundation for a building.  In order for a carpenter to successfully build a house, or an architect to build a skyscraper, it requires a solid foundation.  An online business is the same and your foundation is your website.

Then you need to look at Affiliate Networks, the best networks are Wealthy Affiliates,  Warriorplus.com, JVZoo.com, and Hostgator to name a few. There are more but I don’t want to overwhelm you with possibilities.

There is no point setting up a website if you cannot find an affiliate to monetise it. Believe me, I have been there a couple of times, it is fun writing the blogs, but without products that are related to the subject, you are just working hard for nothing.

Young or old, we all need an income. Wealth is just the way the world is driven these days and cash is needed for everything, doctors, dentists, cars, grocery shopping, holidays, the list is literally endless. Money is the necessary evil that is needed for everything, and the way to make money is to promote high converting top affiliate marketing products.

Subjects for creating wealth are internet marketing for courses on the following.

  • How to make money online
  • SEO training ( Search Engine Optimsation )
  • Website Development
  • Web Site Marketing
  • E-commerce Website
  • Mobile responsive sites

Wealthy Affiliates  is super easy if you are new to the industry. The training course is very user-friendly and flexible. It is FREE to join and you get the following.

  • Personal Help & Support
    • Ability to get personal help from me Kyle who is the head of the company.
    • Help within a community of 10,000’s of users
    • Live Chat support
    • Ongoing topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites
    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Ready to make money online
  • Heaps of  Free Training
    • Video Classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms

If you are interested in joining WA you will see the highlighted text and when you click on that text it will take the FREE join up page.

WarriorPlus.com I think is for the more tech savvy. If you already have a background in web development and internet marketing, then this link will give you heaps of free training on how to take your marketing to the next level to automate and increase your income in step by step methods. I learned a lot from this site but I did find it more difficult than Wealthy Affiliates, but it is well supported although not a huge as WA, or as social, so you may have to wait an hour or so before help arrives in your email box.


The second topic is Health and fitness. Everyone is concerned with their health especially the aging population. The baby boomers born in the 1950s to 1960s are the largest part of most countries populations. They are cashed up, retiring and looking to extend their lives so that they have quality time in retirement.

If you wish to do a more traditional market then ClickBank is a great affiliate program you may want to look at for websites for you to build for the following niches.

  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Anything “computer” related
  • DIY how-to courses
  • Gambling
  • Anything “sport” related
  • Dieting
  • Cooking

Again the list is by no means complete and you need to think about a niche that you love. For an example, if you love DIY or basketball, you could base your website on that topic. Don’t make your niche too narrow as you need to be able to expand and grow your business. If you pick something like basketball shoes, your sales will be in just that arena, whereas, if you pick Basketball tips and tricks it is still niche but a broader topic and you can pick and choose if you want to sell, basketball techniques, shoes, basketballs, clothes, and anything else that can be monetised through affiliates that sell those products.

IMPORTANT – Do research to see what basketball items affiliate programs are selling. If there are not enough products to promote you will be very limited in what you can sell.


Who has not been in love or wishes to be in love. Sex sells, and there are a number of ways of monetizing a niche website that is based on relationships. For example just look at how many dating websites there are these days. 20 years ago they were unheard-of and relationships were by accidental meetings and the exchange of complementing pheromones the culprit that makes us fall in love. Falling out of love can be just as profitable for people that will tell you a thousand ways to get back at your ex.

ClickBank also caters for this topic.

  • Seduction
  • Getting your ex back

You might be thinking that in all of these areas there is going to be tons of competition. You would be right, but here is the thing… The more competition in the market, the more profitable the market is. The truth is, there is room in any market for you to carve out an income and with experience comes the tips and tricks for edging out the competition. You just work smarter not harder. Try to use the dummies method. Basically, if they’ve got a Dummies book on your market subject… Then that’s a massive indicator that it’s a wildly profitable market.

So all you’ve got to do is:

1. Head over to Dummies.com

2. Put in your market keyword like fishing, bodybuilding, weight loss etc in the search bar.

3. Then see if they’re selling physical books on the subject.

If yes, that’s awesome ! …  This is another indicator your market is indeed profitable.




So to sum up. To begin you need to:

  • Choose a topic for your website
  • Research affiliates that support your interest to see if they carry plenty of stock
  • Check with Dummies to see if they have a book on your topic
  • Join an Affiliate Program that will help and support you to achieve your goal
  • Commence training and commit yourself to the task.

This is just the beginning and I will be blogging more tips and tricks tomorrow.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply ASAP

Peace and Love Coucka




Welcome to “Online Wealth”


I started looking for work online.

Why? you might ask… because when you are over 50 it becomes much more difficult to find employment if you change jobs. Age discrimination is alive and well in most countries, I know in Australia where I live, this is the case.

Instead of respecting our lifetime of accumulated experience, we slightly more mature persons become invisible (like Ninjas’) and are considered washed up and irrelevant. I don’t know about you but I am not washed up and like a veteran Ninja, I still have a lot to say and teach. So in a huff, I decided to be a self-employed online worker, and do you know what? it has been fun, exciting, and I am learning new things every day. I refuse to be invisible, and ineffective, so here I am and I am going to find and show you ways of earning a living online.

You may like some options and not others but the main thing is to keep an open mind and give things a try. It won’t be long before you become comfortable making a hobby into a business. Working online means that you don’t need to worry about having enough money for your retirement. Retirement should not be dull, you can choose to work whatever hours you want for yourself. A social life should not be the only thing you have in retirement, keeping yourself young is about exploring possibilities. The best thing about working online is that you can travel anytime you want and still work because laptops are transportable. These days wireless networks are available in most places.


1. You might have a charity that you wish to help. By building a website and driving traffic to it, you can bring more public awareness to those you are helping. Your website can be monetised and some of the proceeds can go to your charity. How much money and how you structure your website is entirely up to you. But you should not do this on your own as the internet is constantly changing and technical support is essential. As such, a community-minded affiliate program will help you to set up and teach you how to manage it. The best try before you buy affiliate program for this is Wealthy Affiliates  They will give you two free websites and 10 lessons on how to set up your website and get started. If you want to learn more you can sign up to be a premium member and the lessons will continue until you are a webmaster.

2. A home business could be typing from home. There are literally thousands of typing/transcription jobs listed online every day and you are not bound by the country you live in, in fact, you can type for anyone anywhere in the world. I will write a blog giving you all the best Online companies to work for. If you sign-up for my newsletter I will email new posts to you.

3. You might decide you would like to work for Google, as they supply laptops if yours is too old for the latest software.

4. Or, you might decide to do Affiliate Marketing. In which case, there are a number of excellent affiliate programs you can join. Whatever you decide, the online community has a host of possibilities.  The options for online line work are endless and just think of the fun you will have in setting up a website so that you can give back to the community.

I am no longer and invisible. Online I have a voice and I intend to use it. If you are interested in finding wealth and freedom Online then please leave your email for my newsletter and I will send you out free tips and tricks for driving traffic to your website and other cool stuff.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave a comment below.

Peace and Love Coucka